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A twitter chat in detail Blogging for Business


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A Twitter Kbtribechat

Published in: Technology
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A twitter chat in detail Blogging for Business

  1. 1. Blogging for BusinessHosted by Todd Vendituoli on the KBTribechat communitywhich is wonderfully operated by Stacy Garcia.Building on the information of many and highlighting thevalue of blogging and social media for Business today.
  2. 2. A TWITTER CHAT INDETAIL#KBTRIBECHATHosted by Todd VendituoliThank you Stacy Garcia
  3. 3. Blogging for Business hosted by Todd Vendituoli1 Do you have a blog and how frequently do youpost?2 Do you think it’s important to have a blog and why?3 What advice would you give someone thinking ofstarting a blog?4 How do you come up with your topics? What areyour inspirations?5 Do you work on SEO for your blog?6 Do you see sales or income from your blogging?7 Do you use any analytics to track how your blog isdoing?8 How do you promote your blog?
  4. 4. Be Real.This chat was to gain information and wasn’t about aproduct but as you can see there was a great deal ofinterest. Blogging for Business can have the same effectsand reach those same type of numbers.Writing a blog puts adds a face to your business and it canhumanize and personalize something that has always justbeen a product or service.
  5. 5. Blogs are not for self promotionBlogging should be about bring information and knowledgeforward, not selling a product or service.RT @TALV58: There should be very little self promo orsales pitch on blogs #kbtribechatDoorHardwareLux at 03/21/2012 02:37 PM EST
  6. 6. Some of the many blogs that were present and thereare more.•••••••
  7. 7. More blogs that were represented•••’m sorry that I can’t include every blog as there were somany great ones.
  8. 8. Why blogs work for business• RT @FormicaGroup: A2. Blogging lets us go a little deeper and provide links to multiple resources. Lets us expand on thoughts. #kbtribechat CBWhittemore at 03/21/2012 02:12 PM EST• RT @cupboards: @kbtribechat A2: Blogs give you credibility in biz world. Its a real voice instead of corporate banter. #kbtribechat noradepalma at 03/21/2012 02:14 PM EST
  9. 9. The ideas and thoughts of many• Cross promote ALWAYS! RT @rjmcontractors @dcoopsd: @TALV58 when doing a guest post, do a promo on your own blog Gr8 for traffic #kbtribechat MarkJohnsonFAIA at 03/21/2012 02:37 PM EST• Absolutely RT @GoshenTF A5 SEO is important, but not to the point that it directs the post. #kbtribechat RDBmagazine at 03/21/2012 02:37 PM EST
  10. 10. A look at the numbers• Everyone, especially businesses, love to see the numbers. These next few pages highlight just how quickly and useful social media can be at reaching a target audience.• As blogs develop, the content reaches an every expanding audience. This target audience is there because a relationship has been grown and nurtured. That has value for that business.
  11. 11. 1,131 tweets, almost 3 Million impressions and reaching over175,000 followers
  12. 12. A mere sample of 50 tweets of the total 1500 during this one hour chat
  13. 13. View the entire chat
  14. 14. Yet even after the chat has finished it continues on Facebook for even moreexposure.
  15. 15. The consensusQuestion 1• Do you have a blog and how frequently do you post?• Three to five times per week and posting consistently seemed to work the best.
  16. 16. Question 2• Do you think it’s important to have a blog and why?• Humanizes the business and adds information and value while creating relationships.
  17. 17. Question 3• What advice would you give someone thinking of starting a blog?• Be consistent, provide good content and information and be a real person.
  18. 18. Question 4• How do you come up with your topics? What are your inspirations?• Write about what you love and have knowledge about and it will be a success.• Vary your posts with personal ones so people see the person behind the business.
  19. 19. Question 5• Do you work on SEO for your blog?• SEO is important but producing high quality content in combination will get the best results.
  20. 20. Question 6• Do you see sales or income from your blogging?• Some will but for many the result isn’t seen immediately. As the authority and relationships develop the sales will follow.• Some use to spread information and enhance their presence.
  21. 21. Question 7• Do you use any analytics to track how your blog is doing?• You need to be constantly looking and adjusting what you write and when you post to gain the full advantages of social media and a blog. Use every tool possible.
  22. 22. Last Question• How do you promote your blog?• By testing what works on different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon and others. The key is to post where your audience is and when they are there.
  23. 23. Blogging Advice and SEO Blogging advice: blogging/ SEO- SEO advice: fast-seo-google-has-plans-to-punish-sites-that-are-overly- optimized/ #kbtribechat
  24. 24. Analytics Analytics: Google Analytics | Official Website Analytic tools: blog-analytics-tools/ #kbtribechat http://visually.visually.netdna- SocialBro - Explore your Twitter community
  25. 25. Promoting your blog: Twitter Facebook Stumbleupon Google+ Tumblr Share buttons Linkedin
  26. 26. Thank you to all that attended and offeredtheir knowledge and experiences• Thank you all for you amazing ideas. I think this chat was what I needed to get my blog up and running. #kbtribechat CrystalHintze at 03/21/2012 03:01 PM EST
  27. 27. can also be found around the web on:!/TALV58