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A policy primer for the popular video sharing service Vine.

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  • Hey Todd,

    As someone who has only viewed and hasn't produced anything with Vine myself (more of a SnapChat user at this point), I found this to be really interesting. For my policy primer I focused on YouTube and while reading, I was able to identify the similarities and differences between the two video platforms.

    Profile information being optional is a big difference, YouTube strongly encourages you to give correct information for your account, but it sounds as if Vine doesn't see this as a big issue, this could only enhance privacy concerns one may have.

    Like YouTube users can get money for creating popular videos, would have been interesting to see or link to one of the interesting examples possibly? However its not too important.

    The part about how Vine can use your content as they wish was like reading the YouTube terms of service and so it seems that is really similar between the two platforms.

    Interesting to see that the content restrictions are still a bit more relaxed compared to YouTube, I wonder if this will change overtime? As you say I could see how porn could easily leak into it, I think I have seen many people like, Facebook groups featuring lets say risqué Vine's and Snapchats. Will be something very interesting to see overtime, whether it continues to evolve and change overtime.

    Your overall presentation style was great also, one of the best I have seen, simple and effective and you created a narrative which I thought flowed really well and I don't think you left out too much information on what must have been quite slim pickings in terms of research and external content and referencing for such a new platform.

    Great job!

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Vine Policy Primer

  1. 1. Terms of Service Policy Primer
  2. 2. So you like Twitter’s latest online video technology? Policy Primer
  3. 3. Or you want to become “Vine Famous” with 6 seconds of footage? (Van Grove, 2013) Policy Primer
  4. 4. Perhaps you're just interested in the most popular web app of 2013? (Olanoff, 2013) Policy Primer (Yusupov, 2013)
  5. 5. Well before you rush into the world of Vine... Policy Primer
  6. 6. … consider what these interests and aspirations entail. Policy Primer
  7. 7. It is quite common for web users to disregard vital contractual information. (Halbert, 2009) Policy Primer
  8. 8. A Terms of Service (TOS) agreement acts as a “Social Contract” to govern users within an online community. (Halbert, 2009) Policy Primer
  9. 9. For Vine users, the TOS may raise some interesting points. Policy Primer
  10. 10. Let’s take a closer look... Flickr Image By: Tall Chris. CC By 2.0 Policy Primer
  11. 11. Upon signing up, you will be asked to verify your identity using an email or Twitter account. (Vine, 2013a) Policy Primer
  12. 12. Your user profile information is optional. As Vine is a video sharing platform, all of this information will be made public. So choose wisely! (Vine, 2013a) Policy Primer
  13. 13. You are solely responsible for your own public and private content creations. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  14. 14. The rights for all content created and submitted is still retained by you. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer ©
  15. 15. © In fact, you have the right to sell your content and work with external parties. Policy Primer
  16. 16. $ Recent examples have seen popular users get thousands of dollars for 6 seconds of video content. (Pathak, 2013) Policy Primer $
  17. 17. © If you infringe on copyright law, Vine will remove the content. Policy Primer (Vine, 2013b)
  18. 18. © If you are a repeat offender, your account may be deleted. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  19. 19. Did you know Vine can use any of your content, however it wishes? Policy Primer
  20. 20. By submitting through its services, Vine gain a worldwide licence to distribute and manipulate your content however it desires. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  21. 21. This licence also applies to partnering individuals or organisations such as Twitter. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  22. 22. Promoting and advertising of content comes free of charge with zero compensation to you. (Vine, 2013b) $ Policy Primer
  23. 23. This leaves the door open for Vine to EXPLOIT your content commercially! Policy Primer
  24. 24. Following a similar line to Twitter’s Anti-Censorship policy, Vine has applied fairly minimal content restriction terms. (Worstall, 2013) Policy Primer
  25. 25. These are your current content restrictions: ➔ Deception of others. ➔ Violation of the rights of a third party. ➔ Threats of violence to others. ➔ Is furtherance of illegal activities. ➔ Harassment and Spam.(Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  26. 26. Some believe that these relaxed content restrictions combined with the affordances of Vine, have lead to a problem with pornography. (Worstall, 2013) Policy Primer
  27. 27. # Currently, Vine affords you the ability to search for content via hashtags. Policy Primer (Worstall, 2013) #
  28. 28. Vine can also limit your storage and usage at any time without notice. (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  29. 29. You could wake up one day, only to have a limited amount of your content available. Policy Primer
  30. 30. In fact, all services provided by Vine may change without any notice… (Vine, 2013b) Policy Primer
  31. 31. Vine is a very public platform that is constantly evolving in its terms, services and policies. Policy Primer
  32. 32. Along with other users, you have the option to decide if this Vine is growing in the right direction for your needs. Policy Primer
  33. 33. The End Policy Primer
  34. 34. Copyright All additional images are licensed under Australia-Fair dealing, for the purpose of criticism and review.
  35. 35. References Halbert, D. (2009). Public lives and private communities: The terms of service agreement and life in virtual worlds. First Monday, 14(12). doi:10.5210/fm.v14i12.2601 Olanoff, D. (2013). Just Six Months After Being Acquired, Twitter’s Vine Hits #1 Free Spot On Apple’s App Store. Retrieved from Pathak, S. (2013). These Vine Celebs Made $10,000 in Six Seconds on Their Mobile Phones. Retrieved from Tall Chris. (2005). “Magnifying Glass” [Image]. Retrieved from Van Grove, J. (2013). Vine famous: Twitter's quirky app unleashes a new wave of video stars. Retrieved from
  36. 36. References Vine. (2013a). Privacy Policy. Retrieved from Vine. (2013b) Terms of Service. Retrieved from Worstall, T. (2013). Twitter's Got A Serious Problem With Vine And Pornography. Retrieved from Yusupov, R. (2013). “Vine tops charts” [Image]. Retrieved from