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11 of My Favorite Quotes from The Great Gatsby


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After recently rereading F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" and watching the new movie, I was struck by the poetic language and thought-provoking observations. Here's my top eleven quotes from the book.

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11 of My Favorite Quotes from The Great Gatsby

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  6. 6. youve had.Whenever you feel likecriticizing anyone,just rememberthat all the peoplein this worldhavent had theadvantages that
  7. 7. On Sunday morning while the churchbe!s rang in the villages alongshore,the world and its mistress returned to Gatsbyshouse and twinkled hilariously on his lawn.
  8. 8. will store up in hisNo amount offire or freshnesscan challengewhat a manghostly heart.
  9. 9. pvacy.And I likelarge parties.Theyre sointimat#At small parties,there isnt any~ Jordan Baker
  10. 10. fromasinglewindow.Life $muchmoresuccessfullylooked at
  11. 11. of adjustment.It is invariably saddeningto look through new eyesat things upon whichyou have expended your own powers
  12. 12. the sick andthe well.And it occurred to methat therewas no differencebetween men, inintelligenceor race,so profoundas the differencebetween
  13. 13. I knew a lot becauseI knew different thingsfrom her.She %ght
  14. 14. Thereareonlythepursued, the pursuing,thebusy,andthetired.~ Nick Carraway
  15. 15. So we beat on,boats againstthe current,borne backceaselesslyinto the past.
  16. 16. he is dead.Let us learnto show ourfriendshipfor a man whenhe is aliveand not after~ Meyer Wolfshiem
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