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Volume of Solids

Volume of Solids

  2. 2. THREE-DIMENSIONAL FIGURE A solid, that has length, width, and depth Merlin2525 at
  3. 3. PRISMS  A 3-D figure that has two parallel, identical bases  The shape of the base tells the name of the prism Square Prism Triangular Prism By: Rfc1394 at
  4. 4. PYRAMID  3-D figure that has one base, all other faces are triangles that share the same vertex (point)  Name of the base names the pyramid Pentagonal Pyramid roym at
  5. 5. CYLINDERS A 3-D solid that has two parallel, identical circular bases gswanson at
  6. 6. CONES A cone is a 3-D solid that has one circular base and one vertex. pascallapalme at
  8. 8. VOLUME OF RECTANGULAR PRISMS The formula to find the volume of a rectangular prism is V = lwh. Take the length (l) of the rectangular prism and multiply it by the width (w) and then by the height (h). Your answer will always be units cubed.
  9. 9. EXAMPLE To find the volume of the rectangular prism use the formula V =lwh. You multiply 8 x 8 x 12. Your final answer is 768 feet cubed. By: Rfc1394 at
  10. 10. VOLUME OF TRIANGULAR PRISMS To find the volume of a triangular prism you use the formula:
  11. 11. EXAMPLETo find the volume of the triangular prism youthe formula V = (1/2)bwh.V = (1/2)bwhV = (1/2) (6) (12) (4)V = (1/2) (288)V = 144 inches cubed
  12. 12. VOLUME OF A CYLINDERTo find the volume of a cylinder you will use theformula:
  13. 13. EXAMPLETo find the volume of the cylinder we need touse the formula V = Bh.The area of the base of a cylinder is acircle.Use 3.14 x the radius squared x the height. V = (3.14) (4 x 4) (10) V = 502.4 ft cubed gswanson at
  14. 14. VOLUME OF A PYRAMIDTo find the volume of a pyramid you use thefollowing formula:
  15. 15. EXAMPLE To find the volume of a pyramid you use the formula: (1/3)Bh. The "B" stands for the area of the base. The pyramid gives us the area of the base and the height. To find the volume of the pyramid we need to: V = (1/3) (56) (32) Multiply 56 and 32. Then divide by 3. V = 597.3 mm cubed
  16. 16. VOLUME OF A CONETo find the volume of a cone, use the followingformula.
  17. 17. EXAMPLETo find the volume of the cone we will use the formula V = (1/3)Bh V = (1/3) (3.14) (r x r) (h) V = (1/3) (3.14) (6) (6) (10) V = (1/3) (3.14) (360) V = (1/3) (1130.4) V = 376.8 ft cubed pascallapalme at
  18. 18. VOLUME FORMULA REFERENCE SHEETRectangular Prism Triangular Prism V = lwh Cylinder Pyramid Cone
  19. 19. REFERENCESClip art from Merlin2525 at merlin2525 Rfc1394 at transparent-cube-by-rfc1394 Roym at roym Gswanson at cylinder-by-gswanson Pascallapalme at by-pascallapalmeAll Clipart not cited in a footnote and on this reference page I created using Paint.

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