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Be Your Own Boss Jobs - Traits of Top Achievers


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Be Your Own Boss Jobs - Traits of Top Achievers

  1. 1. For anyone wishing to work from home, direct sales or network marketing is an easy way to do it. But the number of companies out there is outrageous. How does someone avoid scams? What money can someone really make in a specific opportunity? Here are some things you need to know before choosing from the many be your own boss jobs available. Reputation – Look for a company with a solid reputation. If someone is considering a certain company, try searching them in Google them. If anyone has complaints or had bad experiences with that company, a little research will uncover that. Established – New isn’t always better when it comes to be your own boss ideas. A fledgling company may not have the financial security, structure, or marketing visibility that a solid established company would. Training – What resources does the company offer to get a new distributor up and running? Do they have a website that shows you how to be your own boss effectively? Do they have weekly teleconferences? Is there a blog for distributors? Having a way to stay on top of what’s new in the company and discover new success strategies will support success. Start Up Costs – What is the initial investment to get started with a particular be your own boss idea? Can it be quickly recouped? How can it be funded? Ongoing Business Costs – Are there inventory costs? Do distributors have to pay a monthly fee for a website? Is there a yearly fee to maintain distributorship? What is the cost of catalogs? Will an individual need to buy samples? What other fees are involved in running this business successfully? Compensation Plan – Find out how much commission is made per sale. Are there any bonuses? Do they award prizes in contests? What do you earn from downline sales? How often does the be your own boss company send out paychecks? How many levels deep do commissions go for downline sales? Sales Tools – Does the company have business cards, brochures, or a website that distributors can use for marketing? Is there an audio cd to introduce people to the opportunity? Does the upline offer 3 way calls to present to new prospects? Is there a video that distributors can use online or in person to market? Can a distributor advertise online on websites and in social media? What are the restrictions? Mentorship – What kind of support can a distributor expect from their upline? Are they available via Skype of text for pressing questions? Are they open to phone calls? Will they meet with regularly with a new distributor to teach them the ropes? Are there weekly team calls? Is there extra support for top achieving distributors? It’s important to know that there will be support from someone successful within the organization to help a new distributor climb the ladder of success.
  2. 2. Looking for be your own boss ideas to earn money from home? This be your own boss website let’s anyone compare and discover a company with terrific support to help others achieve success.