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Twitter for IT Managers: Basics And Beyond


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Twitter is here to stay and is quickly redefining how your customers and stakeholders interact online. How can you leverage the power of this microblogging platform to improve customer service, manage IT crises and build your brand?

In this interactive Lunch+Learn Webinar, you'll get a step-by-step breakdown of how the Twitter service works and how to get started using it. Moreover, you'll be able to engage with industry experts on best practices, case studies and pitfalls to avoid.

Attend this one-hour Webinar to learn:

* The Twitter basics and relevant software tools to drive a corporate Twitter strategy
Guidelines for creating Twitter policies, and the consequences if you don't.

* the case of Fake Stephen Conroy

* How to support customers in 140 characters or less: the experiences of Macquarie Telecom and Net Registry

* And more...

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Twitter for IT Managers: Basics And Beyond

  1. 1. Twitter for IT Managers ‐ Basics and Beyond 1st October 2009 Twitter hash tag for today:  #twitter4it Audio Options:  Listen to the presentation using your computer speakers or dial in on  the phone using the following: Australia: +61 (0) 3 9008 6791 New Zealand: +64 (0) 9 985 3580 Phone code: 528‐920‐547 We will begin at approximately 12:05pm Australian EST
  2. 2. Your Moderator Nathan Cochrane  Editor in Chief iTnews Twitter hash tag for today: :  # twitter4it
  3. 3. Our Presenters @bdgiesen @stephenconroy @richardatdell @GlennDCitrix Brian Giesen Leslie Nassar Richard Binhammer Glenn Dobson Senior strategist  “Fake Stephen  Dell Quality Assurance  with Ogilvy PR's  Conroy” Corporate  Manager of  360° Digital  Communications,  Global Customer  Influence Group Social Media and  Support  Corporate  Citrix Online Reputation  Management
  4. 4. Brian Giesen Senior strategist with Ogilvy  PR's 360° Digital Influence Group @bdgiesen
  5. 5. 360° Digital Influence Twitter for IT
  6. 6. What is Twitter?
  7. 7. Highly popular with celebrities, media and executives, Twitter is a microblogging platform composed of 140 character answers to 1 simple question: “What are you doing?”
  8. 8. April 2009 501 Aussie Journos December 2008 on Twitter Dell Generates $1 Million from Twitter April 2008 Comcast Uses March 2007 Twitter to Help Twitter wins Customers SXSW Award June 2009 More than 2 billion Tweets April 2009 Ashton Beats CNN to 1,000,000 followers April 2007 November Obama Joins 2008 Twitter The Real Shaq joins Twitter July 2006 Twitter Goes Live
  9. 9. In Australia, the annual growth rate for Twitter is 3,200% over the past year.
  10. 10. You can Tweet by using: • • Desktop applications • Mobile devices
  11. 11. Twitter Tools • Seesmic » Sort & Filter » Search » Respond
  12. 12. Strategic approach to Twitter
  13. 13. Ogilvy’s 3-step methodology for using Twitter A strategic approach • Start by identifying your business or communications objective for using Twitter: – Customer Service – Trend & Information Sharing – Crisis management • No matter the objective, our approach involves3 steps
  14. 14. Ogilvy’s 3-step methodology for using Twitter A strategic approach 1. FOLLOW 2. CREATE 3. ENGAGE
  15. 15. Business objective: Improve customer service
  16. 16. Customer service example: Telstra’s BigPond became the first telco to join Twitter in Australia. The company uses Twitter to troubleshoot problems customers are having with their Internet service.
  17. 17. Business objective: Improving customer service 1. Follow – People talking about your products/services – Search using or TweetScan Anyone who has – Use organisation tools such as TweetDeck to customers – B2C, B2B, track new mentions G2B, G2C – can use Twitter to quickly listen 2. Create and respond to customers – A Twitter handle with clear personality to build goodwill and – Tweet information relevant to your customers: address problems before proactive tips, company information, etc. they escalate into a crisis. 3. Engage – Answer questions about your product/service – Respond to comments about your brand – Direct people to helpful info on your site – Direct message for specific issues
  18. 18. In summary
  19. 19. Get Flickr image: Additional resources:
  20. 20. Leslie Nassar “Fake Stephen Conroy” @stephenconroy
  21. 21. Poll question: Are you using Twitter to  support your customers?
  22. 22. Richard Binhammer Dell Strategic Corporate Communications,  Social Media and Corporate Reputation Management @richardatdell
  23. 23. Dell, Social Media, Twitter 32
  24. 24. Twitter and Revenue 33
  25. 25. Twitter: Beyond Revenue, Cumulative Follower base over 1M 1. Share information from our blogs 2. Dell offers, some just on Twitter 3. Connect directly with Dell customers Dell people use Twitter for their business purpose (answer questions, solve issues, chat about tech, Dell initiatives). Examples: – @paradigmshift, Mark Weston our lead technology and education person, as well as @edu4u, our education community; – @johnbatdell is Dell connector with gamers – @Dell_mini is the product development team for this product and they seek input and ideas from customers on Twitter; – @mdomsch is from the office of the CTO connecting with Linux folks – @Dellservergeek connects with enterprise/data center customers – @bruceericatdell connects to Enterprise customers – More than 100 others 34
  26. 26. Dell’s Direct Model = Direct Engagement 35
  27. 27. “These conversations are going to occur whether you like it or not. Do you want to be part of that or not? My argument is you absolutely do. You can learn from them. You can improve your reaction time. And you can be a better company by listening and being involved in that conversation.” Michael Dell, October 17, 2007 BusinessWeek
  28. 28. Glenn Dobson Quality Assurance Manager of  Global Customer Support Citrix Online. @GlennDCitrix
  29. 29. TweetDeck TweetGrid CoTweet Twitter Search Tools
  30. 30. Branded Twitter Accounts
  31. 31. Question & Answer Session
  32. 32. Get started today! Please call now to have all your questions answered. Try it Free 1800 451 485 (NZ Toll Free: 0800 424 874) We will send you a link to the recorded session within 24 hours. Thank you for attending!