ITSM in the Cloud - A Change in the Weather


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Whatever your opinion of 'cloud computing', there can be no doubt that it has firmly entered into the IT lexicon. But what exactly is cloud computing? Does it differ from existing models or is it just a new buzz word invented to put a fancy spin on the same old products? More importantly, how will it change the way you run your IT service program?

Join this live webinar to hear David Mainville, CEO of Consulting-Portal, share his insights on cloud computing and its increasing role in IT service management.

Attend this interactive webinar to learn:

* How cloud computing compares to other service delivery models
* Who are the players when it comes to cloud-based IT service management tools
* How you can exploit cloud computing in your IT service management
* And more...

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ITSM in the Cloud - A Change in the Weather

  1. 1. ITSM in the Cloud A Change in the Weather   Listen  to  audio  over  your  computer  speakers     or  you  may  phone  in:     Australia  #:  02  8014  9491   New  Zealand  #:  04  974  7248   Access  Code:  448-­‐612-­‐516   We  will  begin  at  approximately  12pm  Australian  EDT    
  2. 2. Meet Your Moderator Todd Lewis Marketing Manager, Citrix Online
  3. 3. The Questions Pane Type  question  here  
  4. 4. Meet Your Presenter David Mainville CEO and Co-Founder Consulting-Portal
  5. 5. www. .com Software to Assess, Design and Govern your processes Powered by Consulting-Portal
  6. 6. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing most often refers to IT Services that are provided to users over the internet on a pay as you go or on-demand model much like a public utility. Powered by Consulting-Portal
  7. 7. Some Other Related Terms On-demand SaaS Utility Computing Virtualisation Autonomic Computing Grid Computing WEB 2.0 Powered by Consulting-Portal
  8. 8. Just More Marketing Hype? Powered by Consulting-Portal
  9. 9. You Are Probably Using it Today Powered by Consulting-Portal
  10. 10. How Should We View It? A Technology? A Delivery Model? Powered by Consulting-Portal
  11. 11. Evolution of Delivery Models Centralised Computing Time Sharing Service Bureaus Outsourcing Application Service SaaS Providers Software as a Service Powered by Consulting-Portal
  12. 12. Cloud Computing Technology Multi-Tenant Configurable Metadata Multi-Tier Architecture Single Instance Private Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Platform as a Service Powered by Consulting-Portal
  13. 13. Infrastructure as a Service •  Nicholas Carr in his book The Big Switch likens the current trend in Cloud Computing to the shift from companies generating their own power to running on a utility •  The shift brought about not only financial savings but unleashed a watershed of creative energy •  Infrastructure services like will allow companies to companies to spend more time on the business and less on managing IT Powered by Consulting-Portal
  14. 14. Examples of Infrastructure as a Service Powered by Consulting-Portal
  15. 15. Software as a Service (SaaS) •  Subscription based software, hosted in the cloud and accessed by a browser •  Seamless upgrades - little to no development costs •  No separate maintenance, upgrade or support costs •  Is it a new technology or just another delivery model? Powered by Consulting-Portal
  16. 16. Let s Take a Poll Is SaaS part of yourIT Service Portfolio? Powered by Consulting-Portal
  17. 17. A Viable ITSM Option? •  The number of organisations using a SaaS vendor has doubled over last year and now represents 17% •  The number of respondents considering a SaaS vendor for SLM and Service Catalog went from 0% to 16.4% •  The number of respondents considering a SaaS solution for CMDB and Configuration Management went from 8% to 19.1% •  Take the current survey at: industry-survey/ Powered by Consulting-Portal
  18. 18. Some of the ITSM SaaS players Powered by Consulting-Portal
  19. 19. Don t doubt the power of social media •  An entire new industry of home-grown stars are challenging traditional media sources •  Companies are relying on tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to expand their brand and to connect with customers and partners •  Tools like Chatter from salesforce are redefining how employees communicate internally •  Integration between ITSM tools and social media tools has begun Powered by Consulting-Portal
  20. 20. Sure...but is business really adopting these trends? Powered by Consulting-Portal
  21. 21. Take Consulting-Portal for example... Hosted Exchange Consulting-Portal Powered by Consulting-Portal
  22. 22. What Does This Mean To Me? Powered by Consulting-Portal
  23. 23. IT has the opportunity to embrace these changes The business has moreIT exists to support the options than ever business before Web 2.0 generation Like with client server has different before it the business expectations will drive the disruption Powered by Consulting-Portal
  24. 24. There are definitely some benefits •  No capital outlay •  Pay only for what you use •  Improved time to market •  Access features and capabilities outside your normal reach •  Familiar Web 2.0 interface •  Transparent Upgrades •  Allows you to focus on the business and not the technology Powered by Consulting-Portal
  25. 25. There are definitely some concerns •  Dependency on the internet •  Security of the data •  Integration with legacy applications •  Application monitoring •  Provider sold or goes out of business •  Moving onto or off the Cloud Powered by Consulting-Portal
  26. 26. Disruptive Technologies or Building Blocks? Learn how to embrace these technologies as part of your service delivery model Powered by Consulting-Portal
  27. 27. Contact me: or Twitter: @mainville Powered by Consulting-Portal
  28. 28. Q  A   &   Type  question  here  
  29. 29. 3 great Reasons to fill out the exit survey
  30. 30. 1to fill out the exit survey Reason # You can request to receive the slides from today’s presentation plus a valuable whitepaper.
  31. 31. 2to fill out the exit survey Reason # You can request a free trial of GoToAssist.
  32. 32. 3 to fill out the exit survey Reason # You can provide us withfeedback on how we can improve our webinars.
  33. 33. Today’s webinar powered by . . . Increase your reach with unlimited Webinars For a free trial or to learn more about Citrix GoToWebinar, please phone 1800 451 485 (in Australia) or visit Webinars Made Easy™
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  35. 35. Thank you for attending(and interacting)! We will send you a link to the recorded session within 24 hours.