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First Call Resolution - The Key To Superior Tech Support


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First-contact resolution (FCR) is the 'Holy Grail' for a technical support operation - directly impacting customer satisfaction, loyalty and corporate revenue.

Join us for a live Webinar to hear Rob McDougall, president of Upstream Works and an expert on FCR, discuss how technical support centres can significantly reduce call volume, increase customer satisfaction and positively impact the bottom line.

You will also discover how successful companies leverage remote support to dramatically increase FCR and reduce costs.

Attend this interactive Webinar to learn:
-- Steps for measuring and improving FCR within your IT support operation
-- The strategic impact of FCR on both bottom- and top-line operations
-- How remote-support technology is a key contributor to increased first-contact resolution
-- And more...

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  • Very important - often a debate on first call resolution (FCR) measurement.

    Primas is offering a free report that allows you to easily collect your own contact center data utilizing free software and an overlay technology. The free report will graphically show you your center’s FCR rate from the data you supply and also benchmark your FCR percent compared to other contact centers. To learn more visit, or call Primas at 888-477-4627.
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First Call Resolution - The Key To Superior Tech Support

  1. 1. First Call Resolution The Key to Superior Tech Support Listen to audio over your computer speakers or you may phone in: Australia #: 03 9008 6791 New Zealand #: 09 985 3589 Access Code: 671-140-838 We will begin at approximately 2pm Australian EDST
  2. 2. Intro to your moderator Todd Lewis Citrix Online
  3. 3. The Questions Pane Type question here
  4. 4. Meet your presenter Rob McDougall R bM D ll President and CEO Upstream Works Software Ltd.
  5. 5. POLLING QUESTION What are your First Contact Resolution y rates? 1. 1 Under 50% 2. 50%-70% 3. 70%-85% 4. Over 85% 5. Unknown
  6. 6. WHY FIRST CALL RESOLUTION? 30% of call centre work is re work re-work Repeat calls directly affect customer satisfaction ti f ti Drives process formalisation Reduces cost Reduces complexity
  7. 7. COMPLEX FCR Define a process Measure to a process Eliminate Variances Eliminate errors Reduce repeat calls Complex interaction in the right number of calls
  8. 8. FCR FOR A COMPLEX TRANSACTION S tti and meeting th expectation of th Setting d ti the t ti f the customer Not ‘one and done’ Use of typical ‘First Call Resolution’ metrics i not R l ti ’ t i is t obvious
  9. 9. COMPLEX INTERACTION EXAMPLES Technical help desks Initial report call Specification of required information Collection time May be resolved subsequently by agent May be forwarded to domain expert Requires final closure/ resolution with caller Often involves cross- channel (email/ phone) Not measured well
  10. 10. CAUSES OF NON-FCR Agent ability Access to information Authority Business process p Customer
  11. 11. COMPLEX INTERACTION DEFINITION Any interaction that cannot be solved by an agent with the proper training, tools, authority and process
  12. 12. CHARACTERISTICS Cross channel There is cross channel interaction Consultation C lt ti There is a consultation with a domain expert t Call back The caller is given interim instructions
  13. 13. IS MULTI CHANNEL COMPLEX? Email/ fax/ CHAT complex? May be hard to measure Not in themselves complex N t i th l l Email is most prone to complexity Multiple interactions M lti l i t ti
  14. 14. PREDICTABLE DOMAIN EXPERTS Domain experts may be scheduled in call centre Insurance claims If not, the process is complex by definition d fi iti May or may not be available for the caller How are expectations set? Response times are not predictable
  15. 15. CALL CENTRE T YPES All call centres have ‘one and done’ one done interactions May be seen as complex High Volume; Low Variability Customer service Mostly non complex interactions Low Volume; High Variability Knowledge workers g Triage Significantly more complex interactions
  16. 16. WHAT DID I DO TODAY? Measure the interaction details Has both simple and complex interactions i t ti Less well defined measurement Complexity used as an excuse not to measure Less well defined processes
  18. 18. AGENT WORK
  19. 19. COMPLEX INTERACTIONS Process ?
  21. 21. WHERE IS THE MYSTERY? Complex interactions Understand what the agents are actually doing Understand what the process is For customer facing interactions Stop guessing!
  22. 22. POLLING QUESTION What best describes your support challenges? 1. Mix of phone and multi-channel 2. Complex processes 3. No Measurement 3 N M t 4. All of the above 5. None of the above
  23. 23. THE KEY
  24. 24. Mystery and measurement don’t get along!
  25. 25. STEP 1 - DEFINE THE PROCESS Call reason tracking to identify patterns Many call types Look for patterns Determine intra-process steps
  26. 26. DEFINE THE PROCESS Step Step 2 4 Step Process P 1 Step ? 5 Step 3
  28. 28. STEP 2 – IDENTIFY THE INTERACTIONS Measure all agent activities related to interactions Call and after call Email and after email Measure elapsed ti M l d times Correlate multiple interactions
  29. 29. IDENTIFY THE INTERACTIONS Step 2Process P ?
  30. 30. Step Step 4 3 Step Step 1 Step 2 1 Step Step Step p 1 1 4 Step Step 3 2 Step 2 Step Step 2 Step 1 2 Step 2 Step 3 Step Step 3 4 Step Step Step Step Step Step 1 1 3 3 Step 4 4 4
  31. 31. STEP 3 – COMMUNICATE THE PROCESS Train agents on each process step Communicate the process to callers Set expectations after each step
  32. 32. FCR AND THE COMPLEX CUSTOMER INTERACTION Each process has multiple steps Agents should execute process with each step ‘one and d h t ‘ d done’ ’
  34. 34. STEP 4 – ELIMINATE VARIANCES Define D fi an optimal process and measure ti l d to it Do D each step once and only once h d l Address variances from optimal Be sure it makes customer and business sense.
  35. 35. STEP 5 - MEASURE TO CONFORMANCE Complex processes, when measured, C l h d lose their mystery Predictable P di bl Repeatable Measurable Improvable Learn and use best practices
  36. 36. WHAT I DID TODAY
  37. 37. THE ‘SIMPLE’ COMPLEX INTERACTION Is the situation really complex? Really? No, N really? ll ? “We’ve always done it this way”
  38. 38. COMPLEX PROCESS IMPROVEMENT Access to the right information and tools Knowledge base Eliminate Eli i t use of an IVR f For complex transactions Leverage the internet if you can
  39. 39. THE BENEFITS FCR Reduced call volumes Improved customer satisfaction I d t ti f ti Process improvement Better agent management Expose process holes
  40. 40. ABOUT UPSTREAM WORKS Call centre solution provider Focus on First Call Resolution measurement and improvement t di t Addressing agent and call handling needs UpStart Experience Suite Measure FCR 3 ways out of the box Use with GotoAssist to simplify complex processes and measure results
  41. 41. Rob McDougall Rob McDougall President Upstream Works Software +1 905 660 0969 x 358 twitter:up_rmcd twitter:up rmcd
  42. 42. & Type question here
  43. 43. Get started today! Please call now to have all your questions answered. ti d Try it Free 1800 451 458 (Australia) 0800 424 874 (New Zealand) We will send you a link to the recorded session within 24 hours. Thank you for attending!
  44. 44. SUMMARY Mystery means things are complex Measure to eliminate the mystery Define the process Break down each process into steps FCR from repeat calls within a process Eliminate variances from the optimal process
  45. 45. Get started today! Please call now to have all your questions answered. ti d Try it Free 1800 451 458 (Australia) 0800 424 874 (New Zealand) We will send you a link to the recorded session within 24 hours. Thank you for attending!