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Intro to the Arduino Entrepreneurial System


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A talk about Internet of Things, Arduino, hackerspaces, and how our lives are changing via invisible technology.

Talk given at Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum, 9 Nov 2013

Published in: Technology
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Intro to the Arduino Entrepreneurial System

  1. 1. Intro to the Arduino Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Or, How to Hack your way to Fun & Profit Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum 9 Nov 2013 Tod E. Kurt
  2. 2. What I’ll be talking about ■ Internet of Things ■ Arduino ■ Hackerspaces Not just buzzword bingo, some cool things behind each of these
  3. 3. Who I Am
  4. 4. My Arduino work Spooky Arduino ScrewShield Wiichuck adapter
  5. 5. The Day Job
  6. 6. Technology Sketches WineM GlowPull
  7. 7. BlinkM Smart LEDs
  8. 8. blink(1) USB notification light
  9. 9. Internet of Things Perception + Computation + Networking inside everyday objects might be aware of location, people, objects might be on the Internet, might on totally private Net might be stand-alone or use a “gateway”
  10. 10. Internet of Things Examples of proto-IoT My Fedex package blogs to me
  11. 11. Internet of Things Examples of proto-IoT My car seat remembers who I am
  12. 12. Internet of Things Where we are at today Egg Minder Tile Nest
  13. 13. Moore’s Law the graph we are used to seeing
  14. 14. Moore’s Law, also per-transistor cost of CPUs
  15. 15. Information Processing as Material 1989: $900 2009: $0.47 33 MHz, 20 MIPs 20 MHz, 20 MIPs We are headed towards computation being a nil cost add-on
  16. 16. Arduino What is it? ■ A microcontroller board ■ A collection of add-ons (code & hardware) ■ An open source application for Mac / Windows / Linux ■ A community
  17. 17. Arduino What is it? ■ But most importantly, it is: ■ a community-focused way of encouraging rapid-prototyping “What’s the quickest way to solve this problem?” not: “What’s the cheapest / smallest / most efficient way to solve this problem?”
  18. 18. Arduino Boards Explosion of different form-factors
  19. 19. Arduino Shields “shields” = stackable add-on boards for sensors, actuators, communication, etc. “317 shields from 125 makers, and counting!”
  20. 20. Arduino Software Simple but not limiting Arduino Eclipse for AVR
  21. 21. Arduino Community Forums
  22. 22. Arduino Community Wikis
  23. 23. An Example “Location-aware motion-detecting music player” motion detector + Arduino + GPS shield + MP3 shield
  24. 24. An Example “Location-aware motion-detecting music player” !!! Working prototype in an afternoon
  25. 25. Another Example Prototyping with a new technology, like BLE Nordic nRF51822 Bluetooth Low-Energy System on Chip Dev Kit: $100, Windows only
  26. 26. Another Example Prototyping with a new technology, like BLE RFduino Starter kit: $39 Win + Mac
  27. 27. Arduino as a Hardware Lingua Franca ■ No need to know the details for the common-case or to hack perturbations ■ Use it as a way of describing product topologies ■ If new tech exists, likely an Arduino example for it
  28. 28. Hackerspaces Why? ■ Rapid-prototyping tool repository ■ Expertise repository ■ Community
  29. 29. Hackerspace Tools 3d printers? laser cutters? mills? drills? scopes? Yes.
  30. 30. Hackerspace Expertise Need expert advice? Come here
  31. 31. Hackerspace Community Like-minded individuals can help solve problems or help prototype your project
  32. 32. Hackerspace Community Helped many successful projects
  33. 33. Arduino + Hackerspaces = Try Out Things Fast ■ Arduino provides a huge standardized repository of extant code and hardware ■ Hackerspaces provide tools, expertise, & friends to help out ■ Using both you can rapidly iterate new ideas ■ Rapid iteration necessary to experiment with latest Internet of Things technology
  34. 34. Thank You ■ @thingm / @todbot ■ ■ ■