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Branding a star


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Branding a star

  1. 1. Branding a star fall out boy By Toby Trew
  2. 2. CD covers • All of fall out boys album covers have been very random but some have meaning behind they with the save rock and roll cover it is used to signify the change in musical styles. But the infinity on high album cover has no reasoning behind it. This makes there overall style seem more random and more unique compared with other bands.
  3. 3. image • Fall out boy have a very indie and alternative look. There image fits in with the conventions of the bands music and the style that would be associated with the band.
  4. 4. News articles • Fall out boy have been featured in many news articles in magazines and on websites such as g, rock sound and rolling stone. These magazines are useful for the band to be in because they are read by fans of fall out boys music style and so they would be more likely to read about them and listen to there music.
  5. 5. Music videos • • • • Some of there music video are very alternative in the way they use Mise en scene. They also use a lot of jump cuts pans and zooms in there music videos these are recurring shots used throughout all fall out boy music videos. The lighting used in there music videos is usually bright and is used to create an upbeat. With the editing of some of there music videos they make some of the colours throughout stand out to emphasis the importance of some props in there videos.
  6. 6. Change over time • As fall out boy progressed as a band there clothing changed both as a band and individually. With the band as a whole sticking with an indie rock style with there own individually tweaks to the style. One member in particular Pete Wentz the bassist went to a more gothic/punk style. • As for the rest of the band and its musical style it had very little to change throughout the years that the band has been around because the bands music is always very random and no two songs are ever similar. • But the bands music videos have seemed to change fairly radically since they started, they have gone from having more story based videos to having random concepts throughout there videos for example “I don't care” and “the take over the breaks over” both are very random concepts but have some relevants to the songs.