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Market Evolution Creds

  1. 1. Market Evolution Overview September 2007
  2. 2. About Us Market information and advisory company Blend of senior marketing and research experience Focused on the intersection of personal technology and business Multi-country studies, quantitatively and qualitatively by internet, telephone, and face-to-face. Please see for biogs. Market Evolution
  3. 3. Brands we work with International blue chip media brands Brands right on ‘edge’ of convergence Market Evolution
  4. 4. Our approach Brands need to place the consumer at the heart of the business (before the competition do) Specialist online (web & wap) research techniques are our principle route to consumer insight Connect consumers with brands Consumer first (not brand) approach Understand and monitor the realities of consumer behaviour and attitudes Special focus on intersection of the consumer, personal technology and business Clear and actionable findings Demonstrative value across the business Market Evolution
  5. 5. How we do what we do Enable a conversation between customer and brands • Regular • Using digital channels (Online & WAP) • Fast and flexible • Without geographic boundaries • No size limit Conversation takes place online or over WAP and uses our own technology – Veracity We build a panel of consumers exclusively for our clients Market Evolution
  6. 6. What is Online Panel Insight A panel is a community of people assembled online for research purposes. Participants have agreed to take part in online dialogue and are prepared to share their attitudes, opinions and behaviour. Through Veracity, our online survey and panel management software, we enable a real conversation between consumers and brands. Market Evolution
  7. 7. Veracity - enabling consumer conversation Brands listen Consumers talk to consumers to each other Brands talk Consumers to consumers talk to brands Dynamic Community of your Customers Market Evolution
  8. 8. The Benefits of Online Panel Insight Specialist coverage Cost efficient With the additional benefits of speed and flexibility, surveys can be designed, served, analysed and insight actioned within days rather than weeks High response rate Demographically balanced and statistically representative of the general national population High accuracy No need to collect demographic information during the survey (the data has been collected during the panel design process) Supports regular consumer dialogue and consistent follow-up analysis of virtually the same sample Allows incorporation of multi media effects and objects (pictures, movies, etc.) Data analyzed by industry experts and a senior cross sector board of advisors Market Evolution
  9. 9. Market Evolution Insight Services
  10. 10. Our Insight We offer a range of insight from custom to syndicate to suit client and budget needs: Custom Client Research Closed Insight Products Syndicated Insight products Market Evolution
  11. 11. Telegraph Media Group – a custom insight Client Engaged community of 30,000 Daily and Sunday Telegraph readers 10 surveys per month Providing a range of valuable insight - Ad sales, product satisfaction, brand perception, NPD, marketing effectiveness etc. 40-50% participant rates per survey Market Evolution
  12. 12. Eyeball entertainment – a closed insight product Consumer insight into the entertainment industry Impact of digital personal technology on how consumers entertain themselves Consequences for entertainment business of growth of personal technology Mobile, music, film, video, tv etc Community of 3,000 under 45 year old consumers Monthly in UK Market Evolution
  13. 13. Periscope – a syndicated insight product Consumer insight into consumers’ digital lifestyles Monitors the impact of personal technology on business Community of 3,000 consumers Multi-client syndicated report Monthly UK Market Evolution
  14. 14. Examples of our recent insight Mobile usage in UK
  15. 15. Mobile 2.0 Periscope Survey Highlights Periscope is a monthly online monitor of consumers digital lifestyles. 3,000 Periscope insight community is made up of consumers in the UK and is representative of UK population. Market Evolution 26.07.07
  16. 16. Mobile 2.0 Periscope Highlights Survey 8% do their banking on their spend per 5% will definitely consider buying an Average mobile mobile. iPhone. month is £20.05 Apple 24% would like to. handset Nokia is the most popular manufacturer 45% are downloading fewer ringtones than a year ago 30% have been shocked usage Capability versus actual by the size of their phone bill P la y ga m e s S e nd pic t ure m e s s a ge s ( M M S ) have internet Just 2% of mobiles Int e rne t bro ws ing D o wnlo a d ga m e s telephony, such as Skype S e nd f ile s o r m e s s a ge s v ia B lue t o o t h M us ic do wnlo a d 37% are E m a il D o wnlo a d f ile s o r m e s s a ge s v ia B lue t o o t h texting more Lis t e n t o m us ic V ide o do wnlo a d 25% they are interested in being able ever Used by panelist V ide o c a lling than Phone capable Wa tc h T V flying to send texts while D o n' t k no w 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 11% are using their phones to browse 30% plan to buy a new Social Networking sites. phone popular O2 is the most network Another 18% want to. in the next 6 months