Gout remedy report review document


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Gout remedy report review document

  1. 1. Gout Remedy Report Vs Other Gout Books And Reports – Get The Down And Dirty Review Here! Got Gout or know someone who has? Does the gremlin in the picture look familiar? Looking for relief from Gout? There are a number of solutions in various books on the internet. I've read a few – this review of the Gout remedy report will hopefully give you a bit more information about packages you can get online. I have written this gout remedy report review not just as a review but also as a comparison with other products on the market. The Gout remedy report is a well written and compiled report on Gout Remedy Report Review
  2. 2. Gout. It also comes with 2 bonuses. At the time of writing these are: • Lessons from the miracle doctors • 10 deadly health myths of the 21st century When I got the Gout remedy report I was pleasantly surprised to find two extra surprise bonuses as well. The first is another report on 2 methods of treating kidney stones (in addition to the method in the gout remedy report). Kidney stones can be a further complication for gout sufferers. The same crystals that form in your joints can also form in your soft kidney tissue. Not good! Gout Remedy Report Review
  3. 3. That is a kidney stone in the picture, not a dried mushroom! The second is about a revolutionary treatment for sleep apnoea, and its relationship to Gout sufferers (hint - lots of gout sufferers also have sleep apnoea!). As far as I know this information is exclusive to this report – I’ve not seen it anywhere else, including other main stream books. But what about the actual remedy report on Gout! Never mind the bonuses! Well the report is split into 5 chapters: 1. Overview of gout – This chapter looks at the causes and symptoms of gout, who is most at risk, an in depth discussion of uric acid and purines, the different stages of Gout and complications that can arise from having gout 2. Gout Remedies – This is one of the most valuable chapters – this talks about the traditional (and successful) medications used to treat gout, and 7 other treatments that are effective with gout 3. Living with Gout – This chapter has general information on controlling your health with emphasis on avoiding being prone to gout attacks in the first place 4. Foods and Beverages to avoid – Another valuable chapter about which foods have high levels of purines and which ones to avoid. It Gout Remedy Report Review
  4. 4. also lists foods with medium and low levels of purines 5. Concluding thoughts – Gives further resources for keeping healthy and gout free How does it compare? So is it worth it? How does it compare with other books on Gout on the internet? Well it does have some excellent alternative treatments, including one that can give you relief in 2 hours. There's also very useful information on supplements that I haven’t seen anywhere else – including some of the top selling books on Amazon. Along with the bonuses you get good value for money. Presently there is a special discount of 43%, with a 60 day guarantee. I got a different gout report that was $10 more expensive that I got my money refunded for. I won’t mention any names. The other report was written by a doctor – which is good, but this guy was a doctor of dentistry – that’s not quite as good! The gout remedy report has a testimonial by a medical doctor (see the link below). There wasn't nearly as much value as in this other report, and much of the information was obvious and put in for the purposes of padding. The bonuses were not as good by a long shot. This book was old fashioned Gout Remedy Report Review
  5. 5. and patronising by comparison. I know it was an eBook, but the text wasn't as clear - pictures were almost smudged – it was a bit tatty and the information was dated. So I got the refund! The gout remedy report is also pretty good if you prefer straight forward uncomplicated information written for the layman. Some books on the market have a lot of unnecessary medical jargon, and also do not have the same perspective as the Gout remedy report. Although the Gout remedy report pays due respect to the medical establishment, it also respects the alternative medicine field. Ignore alternative treatments at your peril – they are effective and have been around for a long time! Short Comings If there is a short coming with this report – it's that it lists foods to avoid and foods that are good for gout – but there are no set recipes and specific eating plans – you have to find out these from other sources! I have no hesitation in recommending the Gout remedy report – at the least it's an interesting read and I believe it could hold the key for many people in their battle against this painful affliction. Gout Remedy Report Review
  6. 6. Click here for more information on The Gout Remedy Report Find out about how to relieve symptoms in under 2 hrs, dieting tips and some great supplements for Gout. Act quickly whilst the bonuses and price discount are still there! http://outwithgout.org Other Resources: Gout Treatment Review Gout Remedy Report Review