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Selling a success tracking program


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Explaining the rationale behind a success tracking program for learning gamification, including open badges, within the HR function of your organisation (or as an independent consultant)

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Selling a success tracking program

  1. 1. Success Tracking Toby Beresford
  2. 2. Everyone wants to learn Learning has gone digital Photos by Aneta Tumilowicz for the AFEL project at The Open University
  3. 3. Learning now happens outside class Consumption of micro and nano “snackable” learning content
  4. 4. It doesn’t recognise organisational boundaries Digital learning knows no organisational barriers
  5. 5. Learners are on a personal transformation journey Andrzej Marczewski retrained himself from intranet manager to gamification consultant
  6. 6. But we still want recognition of achievements Digital badges visually certify learning achievements
  7. 7. Learners also expect high quality tracking
  8. 8. Not just of learning but of adoption and performance too Learning is more valuable when put into practice (adoption) and delivered improvements (performance) Learning Adoption Performance
  9. 9. Tracking is not the same as Monitoring ● Opt in ● Info for user benefit, may or may not be shared with managers ● No direct link to financial rewards ● Used for Coaching ● Mandatory ●Info for management benefit, may or may not be shared with users ● Intrinsically linked with financial rewards ●Used for Management
  10. 10. Core Principles of “Success Tracking” Opt In No Prizes Simple Score 57 Storified Positive
  11. 11. Success Tracking Programs
  12. 12. Personal Brand Success Tracking at PwC
  13. 13. Personal Brand Tracking at large co: on,
  14. 14. Faults Performance at UKPN John Smith
  15. 15. A Success Tracking Program at the UN ● Employee Advocacy program to improve social media use and reach via staff ● A mix of coaching (social media best practice), peer comparison (interviews with leaders) and tracking (personal monthly rank and score)
  16. 16. Success Tracking among the Travel 1k ● Travel blogger community tracking to improve blog performance ● Active Facebook group and board, shared thousands of times ● Similar blogger engagement with Parent Blogger Club
  17. 17. 7 6 1Collaborative Workshop Score Algorithm Design League Structure Design Data Collection Program Comms & Positioning Score Calculation and Distribution Coaching & Networking How to Deliver Success Tracking 2 3 45
  18. 18. Key takeaways ● Learners are seeking new programs that support their personal journey – both inside and outside the organisation. ● To succeed, programs must provide a mix of coaching, peer to peer networking and tracking.