Pailz public beta launch


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Toby's slide deck from the Pailz Public Beta launch.

Hear Toby present the deck for a web audience at:

Watch Tim's speech at:

Apologies as the fonts in this deck have been rendered incorrectly

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Pailz public beta launch

  1. 1. 19 Jan 2012Work better together
  2. 2. Introducing Pailz● 3 problems● 3 solutions● Pailz vision● Benefits● How to install Pailz● Pailz pricing
  3. 3. Recognise these problems?You cant see the status of Important client balls can beassigned tasks “dropped”You agree to a task in meeting Similar issues come up timebut it gets forgotten and againYou provide different service Customers are unable to relyto each customer and even on a level of serviceeach project
  4. 4. To explain how Pailz solves this, meetour demo “agency” “CrossRadar”
  5. 5. Get meeting actionsdone
  6. 6. 1) Pailz tracks meeting actionsCreate a list of actions fromeach meeting for colleagues tocomplete from the minutesOne form upload using the+email_address notationAdd to Pailz and track until allactions are complete
  7. 7. Increase visibility, bytracking assigned tasks
  8. 8. 2) Pailz tracks assigned tasksSend tasks direct to acolleague’s pailTrack it by viewing their task list.Only sign off when it iscompleted to your satisfaction
  9. 9. Delight your customersby streamlining yourservice
  10. 10. 3) Pailz perfects your business processesCreate pailz for different team groups. Eg:-sales- design- developmentAdd work as “unassigned” tasks to a teams pailOnce it has been done, create a new task in the pail forthe next team.
  11. 11. Today: Marketing Actions PailSee list of possible tasksSubscribers commit totasksNow we can all see whatis, and what isn’t, beingdone
  12. 12. Tomorrow: Chains Holiday Holiday Update HR request approval record
  13. 13. Tomorrow: Chains Create Approve Send invoice Invoice invoice
  14. 14. Tomorrow: Chains Create Assign project resources Run project plan
  15. 15. Building blocks of workflow:Better visibility by tracking individualassigned tasksMeeting actions followed up using groupof tasksDiscovering your internal processes byusing team pailz
  16. 16. Knowledge WorkersImproving Productivity“Business ProcessManagement” Tim StephensonMaking fewer mistakes co-founder Pailz
  17. 17. Benefits for your businessPailz improves service:● Quality● Reliability● Profitability● Customer satisfactionAnd makes it easy to:● Train new staff● Analyse performance● Improve processes
  18. 18. Install via Google Chrome Web store
  19. 19. And a Google accountSign up using aGoogle Account
  20. 20. Pricing1-5 colleagues:Free5-100 colleagues:$19.99 per month per organisation>100 colleagues:Custom pricing
  21. 21. Next stepsRun a two week internal trialSee it working for internal meeting,sending tasks and discovering what areyour pailzSchedule a post-trial feedback session
  22. 22. Trial benefitsGet your team thinking about improvingthe “way we work”
  23. 23. Thank you!Toby Beresford betterPailz @TechHub together76-80 City RoadLondon EC1Y 2BJUK