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Blogging best practice - how bloggers can help other bloggers


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Launch presentation at the Parent Blogger Club describing best practice for bloggers (content, activity, engagement, reach and monetization) an outline for a blog plan and tracking mechanism to track blog engagement and success.

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Blogging best practice - how bloggers can help other bloggers

  1. 1. Bloggers helping Bloggers @tobyberesford
  2. 2. @ParentBloggerCl   Bloggers helping bloggers Parent bloggers meet, learn, share best practice and track progress towards becoming blogger businesses.
  3. 3. @ParentBloggerCl   Awesome Blogging What is best practice?
  4. 4. @ParentBloggerCl   Content Create relevant content
  5. 5. @ParentBloggerCl   Activity Be consistently active
  6. 6. @ParentBloggerCl   Engagement Achieve deep engagement
  7. 7. @ParentBloggerCl   Reach Continually grow reach
  8. 8. @ParentBloggerCl   Monetize Profit from your blog
  9. 9. @ParentBloggerCl   A Blog Plan 1.  Purpose 2.  Target Audience 3.  Relevant content 4.  Consistent activity 5.  Deep engagement 6.  Growing reach 7.  Monetization 8.  Costs 9.  Tracking Content   Ac0vity   Engagement   Reach   Mone0za0on  
  10. 10. @ParentBloggerCl   Team Tracking What metrics shall we track together?
  11. 11. @ParentBloggerCl  
  12. 12. @ParentBloggerCl  
  13. 13. @ParentBloggerCl   Signing up 1.  Go to 2.  Click on the Join button 3.  Create your leaderboarded account 4.  Connect your networks (Twitter, Facebook, Blog URL) 5.  Get a weekly email with your score for the week
  14. 14. @ParentBloggerCl   Thank you @tobyberesford