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Making Life Playable through Data


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A presentation Toby Barnes gave at Ogilvy Games Lab on Mudlark's approach to making life playable

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Making Life Playable through Data

  1. 1. Mudlark = Pixel-Lab + AI + Rockhmr’ Mudlark = Games + Art + T V Mudlark =Making life playable. Mudlark =Making life playable. Mudlark =Making life playable.
  2. 2. Data Everyware Data Shadows, Data Clouds, Data Trails. Alan Westen, 1967
  3. 3. Making the invisible visible “Media doesn’t need to interpret use as damage Our content itself gets smarter as it aggregates its thoughts about it” Matt Jones
  4. 4. Physical generation of digital assets
  5. 5. iphone • Sensors, GPS etc • But network always on
  6. 6. • Gartner top 10 predications 2009 • By the end 2012 physical sensors will create 20 percent of non-video internet traffic
  7. 7. Playing the data “When we play games, we experience relaxation, concentration, cohesion, elation, adventurous thinking, constant challenge, focus, and relief. We want more of these things in everyday life.” Jane McGonigal
  8. 8. Playing the data “Games are not the same lineage as Book, Radio, TV, Film.” Frank Lanz, Area Code
  9. 9. Channel 4 / Not the Face Not the Face
  10. 10. Heartlands
  11. 11. Love City
  12. 12. Love City Imaginary Space
  13. 13. An urban ‘ socialgame’ played in real life.
  14. 14. CHROMAROMA An Urban Social Game played in real life.
  15. 15. Game Engine Physical System Digital System User Generated Open Content API
  16. 16. Thank you... Toby Barnes
  17. 17. Thank you, and sorry. Toby Barnes