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  1. 1. Why Study Geography?
  2. 2. The field of Geography has evolvedgreatly over the years. Today, it consistsof far more than memorizing locations ona map.
  3. 3. Geographic literacy has never been moreimportant, as global cultures confrontunprecedented turmoil and uncertainty.From devastating famine in Somalia, ...
  4. 4. ... to the “Arab Spring” protests sweeping through the Middle East, includingunprecedented regime changes in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen. Othernotable countries experiencing violent political dissent include Bahrain ...
  5. 5. ... and Syria, which is the currently the bloodiest battleground as President Assad ruthlessly tries tostay in power in the midst of civil war. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed thus far.
  6. 6. The global economy is in its worst crisis since the GreatDepression. Governments spanning the globe are awash indebt, including Greece, which has led to civil unrest.
  7. 7. The budget crisis in Greece has spread to othermembers of the European Union, highlighting deeppolitical dissension that threatens the viability andsurvival of the organization.This economic turmoil in the EU hinders and/orthreatens the economic recovery in the U.S. TheNYSE routinely rises and falls depending on changingeconomic conditions in the EU.
  8. 8. And the U.S. has not been spared from seriouseconomic issues. Recovery from the recessionhas been painfully slow to non-existent formillions of Americans.
  9. 9. Islamic fundamentalism/extremism is acontinuing threatglobally since 9-11
  10. 10. At present, toomany Americans aregeographicallyilliterate, orfunctionallyilliterate, when itcomes tointerdependence.Most do notunderstand theeconomic,environmental, &political connectionsbetween differentplaces.
  11. 11. Using oil, one candemonstrate globaleconomic interdependenceat multiple levels.
  12. 12. A primary factor creating volatility in world oilprices is the ongoing international crisis centeredon Iran’s nuclear program.Any military action could disrupt or close thePersian Gulf to tanker traffic, which accounts forapprox. 25% of the world’s oil tanker shipments.
  13. 13. Transboundary pollution is an applicationof environmental interdependence.
  14. 14. And the United Nations andEuropean Union (EU) are applicationsof political interdependence.
  15. 15. So, why should we care?Because we either contribute tothe problem, and/or we sufferthe consequences. The U.S. is amajor polluter and consumerof the worlds resources.
  16. 16. The U.S. has the largest economy in the world.As our economy goes, so goes the worlds.
  17. 17. And the U.S. has the mostpowerful military in the world.No other country can projectmilitary power as we can.Currently, the U.S. is waging warin Afghanistan.