A.p. ch 32 pt. 2


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A.p. ch 32 pt. 2

  1. 1. STEMMING the FOREIGN FLOODIsolationist America of the 1920’s, ingrown and provincial, had little use for theimmigrants who began to flood into the country again as peace settled soothingly on thewar-torn world.
  2. 2. Some 800,000 stepped ashore in 1920-1921, about 2/3 of them from southern andeastern Europe. Nativists cried that a sickly Europe was indeed vomiting on America.
  3. 3. Congress passed two pieces ofimmigration legislation to addressthe politically explosive issue.Explain the Emergency QuotaAct (1921) and the ImmigrationAct (1924).
  4. 4. Who were the “winners” versus the “losers?” Describe the legislation’s impact &significance.