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What makes a ccTLD attractive for a registrar?


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Presentation at LACTLD marketing workshop during ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires.

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What makes a ccTLD attractive for a registrar?

  1. 1. ‘What makes a ccTLD attractive for a registrar’ IT & Processes Considerations
  2. 2. Our Considerations 1. Registry / Registrar Business Model and Accreditation 2. Policies and Workflows 3. IT  If everything looks fare enough, we are probably doing it. 2 | Tobias Sattler, CIO
  3. 3. Registry / Registrar Business Model and Accreditation - Do you support this Business Model? - Is it even possible to be accredited as a foreign company? - Is your contract available in English, at least as a reference? - Is your contract fair or one-sided? (Indemnification, Liability, Severability, …) 3 | Tobias Sattler, CIO
  4. 4. Policies and Workflows - Is your domain life cycle more like a gTLD? - Do we need paper? - Are there any special obligations for registrants / registrars? - How are we invoiced and how do we pay? - Is it possible to set up different email recipients to support workflows? 4 | Tobias Sattler, CIO
  5. 5. IT - Do you support EPP / real-time API? - Are all necessary processes available in EPP / real-time API? - Are there any technical restrictions? (Whois, Domain Availability, …) - Are there any special EPP Extensions? - Are there 2 OT&E accounts available? - Do we get a documentation? (Commands, Extensions, Error Codes, Polls, …) 5 | Tobias Sattler, CIO
  6. 6. Thank you! Please get in touch if you have a question: tobiassattler 6 | Tobias Sattler, CIO