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Odfx presentation q3 show

  1. 1. Established since 2006 in Amsterdam , Netherlands. In 2013 , incorporate its operation in Seychelles as OD Capital Limited. Our core business was Initially focused on in-house trading , fund management and is now paving the way for IPO success Dedicated on client service , guided by a traditional business philosophy of INDEPENDENCE , INTERGRITY ,EXPERTISE and RELIABILITY to provide outstanding individualized services .
  2. 2. We have a special FOCUSon Asia ODFX has built on this expertise to provide our clients with FOREX trading services with a dedicated gateway into Asia’s dynamic growth markets We’re 9 years in the industry and still GROWING!!!
  3. 3. Our business model allows retail clients to speculate on forex markets with leverage. ODFX promotes a "no dealing desk" business model for its currency products, taking prices from a number of major banks and allowing clients to trade the best price at any given time. This is also known as a direct market access (DMA) model, in contrast to a market maker model more commonly used by forex brokers. Our Busines s Model The 11th China , Guangzhou International Investment & Finance Expo 2013
  4. 4. OD CAPITAL LTD PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT HOTEL & RESORT SERVICE RESIDENCE VILLA TOURISM INDUSTRY 3D ART MUSEUM ODTS TIME SHARING OD RACING GT Racing Beauty & Healthcare Products With constant growth over the years , OD Capital Limited is now successfully incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles on 23rd August 2013 (Business registration no. : 129726) where OD Markets became one of the many business model available. In order to ensure the Company , OD Capital Limited will receive a higher valuation before IPO, the Company has now decided to move one step forward towards reaching the process of EXPANDING and INCREASING the asset by exploring into a few other industries.
  5. 5. Our Value s ODFX’s reputation has been steadily built up over the years by putting the objectives and needs of our clients first . In doing so we have earned their trust and confidence . The 11th China , Guangzhou International Investment & Finance Expo 2013
  6. 6. Strategic Partner : • Established in New Zealand 2007. • In 2009, NZ Financial Ltd. Incorporate its operations in Hong Kong • Initially focused on in-house trading in capital market, and later diversified to introducing broker, white label and now venture into brokerage businesses
  8. 8. Press Interview , News Broadcast Source : 智通财经社交网
  9. 9. News Broadcast , TVS2 China Source :
  10. 10. Panel of liquidity : Partnership since 2008 • We offer Straight Thru Processing (STP) from you to our pool of liquidity providers consisting of major banks with no dealing desk (NDD). • We pass prices , spreads and swap costs from the bank to you with zero mark-up and just a nominal commission ODFX Star Award Ceremony 26 April 2014 Speech by : Mr. Thomas O’ Reily , Senior Vice President of Sales from FXDD
  11. 11. ODFX Star Award Launching Ceremony 2014 Guest of honor , Mr. Thomas O’Reilly Senior Vice President of Sales from FXDD(first from left)
  12. 12. LOW MARGIN , HIGH LEVERAGE With a small sum , you can trade up to many times this amount when you’re using the leverage your broker gives you. 2 WAY MARKET THE WORLD OF FOREX LIQUIDITY 24 – HOUR MARKET Trade at any hour of the day with 4 different time zones. Highly liquid assets when trading currencies as the market is always open Regardless is BULL or BEAR market , you can gain from a currency moving in either direction
  13. 13. It’s a lifetimeOPPORTUNITY you can’t afford to miss ! “Once a trend is established it tends to persist and to run it’s full course ” - George Soros “ Always invest for the long term ” - Warren Buffett
  14. 14. The Alibaba IPO price has been climbing since talks of the initial public offering first gained traction in 2013. In fact, it could be the LARGEST U.S. IPO in history, surpassing the $19.65 billion Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) raised in its 2008 initial public offering. Plus500 successfully raised US$75 million at a placing price of 115 pence per share giving Plus500 a market capitalization of circa US$ 200 million at admission on London Stock Exchange’s AIM
  15. 15. “The opportunities that everyone cannot see are the real opportunities ” – Jack Ma
  16. 16. Focusing to IPO in year 2018 , we have launched our EXCLUSIVE OD PREMIUM package in 2013. In 2014 ,we’re READY for the next phase of our development by diversifying our revenue and sources our asset base to achieve sustainable GROWTH ODFX has SUCCESSFULLY venture into most of the Asian country such as Indonesia , Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Laos , Cambodia , Philippines , India , China , Taiwan and Middle East Country.
  17. 17. The Company generates revenue principally from our FOREX trading activities With the steady GROWTH since 2006 ,we have now own NEMEROUS business model in VARIOUS industry
  18. 18. Our Mission is to achieve the next 200,000 new active accounts Company REVENUE projection from a standard trading lot account is USD 20 [ EURUSD ] plus Commission USD30 . With 200,000 new active accounts , the projected REVENUE USD 7.2 billion per annum
  19. 19. Own Shares In a Potential High Growth Company Get the number of Convertible Preference Shares ( CPS ) for every sum you invest . 1 CPS : USD 1 Receive monthly Loyalty Bonus between 2 % - 10 % , up to 300 %of your capital 300 % Enjoy Trading Rebates Of up to 200 % Amount Invested Receive Trading Credits Facility Be Rewarded For Your Loyalty WHAT WE OFFER Receive 100 %Trading Credit Facility for FOREX trading* . Profits gained can be withdrawn Get Trading Rebate of USD 10 for every LOT traded with the maximum up to 200 %of initial investment amount . 100 % 200 %
  20. 20. Loyalty Bonus 5.5 8.3 8.5 LOYALTY BONUS PERFORMANCE 9.2 8.1 8.2 Monthly Performance 7.2 7 5.1 5.8 6.1 6.2 5.8 5.5 5.8 6.1 APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL PERCENTAGE MONTH 2013 - 2014 Total since April 2013 : 108.4 % Monthly Average : 6.78 %
  21. 21. If you do not wish to trade for yourself , let our professionals trade on your behalf . We have developed our proprietary trading indicators for you to maximize your PROFITS PAMM MANAGED TRADING TRADING INDICATORS TRAINING We provide training for our members which covers a guide to FOREX trading and how to use our platform
  22. 22. PACKAGE S Packag Amount Welcome Manual e Bonus Trading Managed Trading (PAMM) Recovery Policy* (Managed Trading) Trading Rebates (USD10/ Traded Lot) Loyalty Bonus (Monthly) Estimated Return* Bronze USD 1,000 N/A YES 70 % Client 30 % ODFX 50% 200% 2%-10% USD 8,000 Silver USD 5,000 N/A YES 70 % Client 30 % ODFX 50% 200% 2%-10% USD 40,000 Gold USD 10,000 N/A YES 70 % Client 30 % ODFX 50% 200% 2%-10% USD 80,000 VIP 1 USD 50,000 USD 2,000 YES 70 % Client 30 % ODFX 50% 200% 2%-10% USD 400,000 VIP 2 USD 70,000 USD 5,000 YES 70 % Client 30 % ODFX 50% 200% 2%-10% USD 560,000 VIP 3 USD 150,000 USD 17,000 YES 70 % Client 30 % 50% 200% 2%-10% USD 1,200,000 Terms and Conditions : • Members shall receive Loyalty Bonus up to 60 months upon activation or 300% of investment Capital, whichever is earlier. • Monthly Loyalty Bonus shall be calculate based on MT4 Net Equity or MT4 Balance whichever is lower. • Promotion of Credit Facility amount shall not be include in Loyalty Bonus calculation • Manual Trading or Managed trading performance return receive up to maximum amount of 300% based on investment capital. • Upon losses 95% of Capital in Managed Trading , ODFX shall recover 50 % of investment capital.
  23. 23. 12 RReeaassoonnss WWhhyy YYoouu SShhoouulldd JJooiinn UUss NNooww 9 years in market and still growing Over 35 countries global wide We offer a Straight Through Processing trading platform More Than 20 Personal Expert Team Managing Trades Expertise on Low Risk Management Proven past track records Receive Trading Rebate up to 200 % Company diversity in numerous business and various industry Strong and dedicated affiliate Highly potential growing company Assurance of monthly return Consistent capital appreciation for shareholders
  24. 24. “ After struggling for years and your salary is the same, that means you have not grown as a person Remember that as you earn more, INVEST more so that you will not run out of money and quality of life will not drastically go down ” - Lee Ka Shing
  25. 25. Payment Gateway ODFX provides you with the flexibility and wide range of payment gateway
  26. 26. Prepaid MasterCard ODFX provides you with an option for fast and easy withdrawals on a reloadable Prepaid MasterCard. No more waiting long periods of time and paying high withdrawal fees .
  27. 27. Participating in the GT3 Asia Series 2015- 2016
  28. 28. 2nd ODFX Star Award Recognition 2015
  29. 29. THANK YOU