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Region Bergen Generating Futures


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Information leaflet about the main business and industry clusters in the Bergen region, Norway.

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Region Bergen Generating Futures

  1. 1. eratingfutures
  2. 2. A region of progress, expertise and dialogueWith its location on the west coast of Norway, the Bergen Region hasevolved alongside the sea. We live by it, from it and with it. Our proudfishing traditions as well as new technological innovations in oil, gasand shipping emerge from this intimate relationship with the sea.Progress creates a continuous demand for new knowledge. As such,the schools and universities of the Bergen Region, are well establishedto create the next generation of economists, technologists, scientists,engineers and teachers – all this to inspire the region’s future development.Growth is also found in the region’s cultural institutions and creativeindustries. The fruitful and respected interaction between local andinternational artists and designers from all over the world is remarkable.Our fjords and mountains also attract many visitors from distant shores –taking home with them unique and unforgettable memories of the region.Like waves shape the shore, innovative artists and entrepreneursrecreate the Bergen Region everyday. Facts about the Bergen Region: Population: 400,000 (Norway: 4.8 million) Consists of 20 municipalities on the west coast of Norway Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with 250,000 inhabitants
  3. 3. The Bergen Region has leading business and industry clusters in: ENERGY Oil, gas and renewable energy MARITIME INDUSTRIES Shipping, shipbuilding, maritime services and equipment THE MARINE SECTOR Fishing, aquaculture and marine products TOURISM Culture and adventuregrowth by CREATIVE Media, design, film and musicinteraction The region is also strong in the financial services and ICT sectors.
  4. 4. we live, work and thrive by the seaerating HIGHLY DIVERSE ENERGY CLUSTERexpertise Oil, gas and renewable energy constitute the largest business cluster in the Bergen Region, and on a global scale the region holds an elite position when it comes to subsea technology. It is also home to the Norwegian Centre of Expertise Subsea.
  5. 5. Pulling together,breaking new ground erating interaction WORLD-LEADING SHIPPING ENVIRONMENT The Bergen Region is a pivotal maritime centre in Norway, and the world’s major equipment manufacturers and service providers are based here. Several of the world’s leading shipping companies are operated from the region.
  6. 6. Evolving from traditional fishing vessels to high technology subsea solutions, the region is in constant progress.erating LEADING FISHERIES REGION Both the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries and the Institute of Marine ResearchGROWTH are situated in the Bergen Region. 25 percent of the Norwegian wealth creation in fisheries and aquaculture are produced in the Bergen area: it is an essential and world leading power centre in marine research.
  7. 7. ADRENALINE FUELLEDMOMENTS AND UNIQUEEXPERIENCES INEXTREME NATURE THE GATEWAY TO THE FJORDS OF NORWAY The Bergen Region is the Gateway to the fjords, mountains and the coast. erating adventure Bergen is a World Heritage City and can boast a rich cultural life with music, art, dance, film and entertainment. The Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) Tourism is located in Bergen.
  8. 8. a Hive of ideas, talent and initiativeerating CREATIVE INDUSTRIES The Bergen Region is the second largest hub in Norway when it comes to design,creativity film and TV production, boasting a well established network for digital production and design innovation. New artists frequently emerge from the Bergen Region and many enjoy international success.
  9. 9. An educational HUB forresearch, explorationand development BIG IN R&D erating knowledge The Bergen Region has a strong and varied research and development community. The region is host to large educational institutions and it has leading centres of expertise in the most important industries.
  10. 10. welcome tothe bergen region Photo: Solstrand Hotel & Spa
  11. 11. Business Region Bergen is engaged inregional business development, runs a Strandgaten 6, NO-5013 Bergen, Norwaybusiness start-up service and promotes T: +47 56 90 11 50 F: +47 56 90 11 51and markets the Bergen Region. Norway Bergen BergenBergen | Askøy | Fjell | Sund | Øygarden | Os | Fusa | Samnanger | Austevoll | Stord | Vaksdal | OsterøyLindås | Meland | Fedje | Radøy | Austrheim | Masfjorden | Modalen | Gulen | Hordaland County Council