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  • Members learn communication skills by working in the Competent Communication manual, a series of 10 self-paced speaking projects designed to instill a basic foundation in public speaking. By completing these projects, members learn a variety of public speaking skills, including: Speech organization, Eye contact, Gestures , Use of humor and Overall delivery. Each project focuses on a different skill and also includes an evaluation guide, which gives employees an easy way to provide immediate feedback as the project is completed.
  • Toastmasters participants learn to lead when they take on responsibilities and accomplish goals. The Competent Leadership manual is the core of the leadership track, and offers 10 applicable projects in listening, critical thinking, giving feedback, time management, planning, delegating, facilitating, motivating, mentoring and team building, each of which will be completed while serving in various club meeting roles. A peer evaluator will offer feedback on each project. By s erving as officers or fulfilling meeting roles, participants have fun learning leadership skills!
  • By participating in a corporate Toastmasters club, employees and managers alike will enhance their critical thinking and listening skills. Employees will grow more comfortable giving and receiving constructive feedback, and they’ll feel more at ease in front of a group. Employees will also learn time management skills and develop other leadership skills.
  • Toastmasters Ukraine

    1. 1. What isToastmasters?
    2. 2. No, It’s not a Toast maker!
    3. 3. It solves the fear of Public Speaking!
    4. 4. Founded in US 1924 by Ralph C. Smedley
    5. 5. The organization is HUGE!
    6. 6. There are 10 Toastmasters Clubs in Ukraine: 1 in 8 in Lviv Kiev 1 in Odessa English, Ukrainian and Russian speaking
    7. 7. Educational SystemIn Toastmasters we have: Communication Track The communication track teaches you public speaking. Most of us join Toastmasters for the benefits it offers. Some of us also become involved in the leadership track – you can do both. Leadership Track The leadership track allows you to become an effective leader. You can serve as a Club Officer, developing skills in planning, training, motivating, and management.
    8. 8. The Communication TrackYou will learn:  Speech organization  Eye contact  Gestures  Use of humor  Overall delivery
    9. 9. The Leadership Track Instruction and practice in:  Developing a vision  Goal-setting and planning  Team-building  Developing plans and strategies
    10. 10. A meeting contains 3 partsI Prepared Speech II Impromptu III Evaluation
    11. 11. At every meeting there is a guide Timer Timer Grammarian Grammarian Ah Counter Counter Ah
    12. 12. Toastmaster can Transform People! FROM TO
    13. 13. Benefits • Develop critical thinking skills • Build listening skills • Give and receive constructive feedback • Become more at ease in front of a group • Learn time management skills • Supportive environment • Leadership development
    14. 14. We have a lot of social events: balls, masquerades…
    15. 15. … speech contests and trainings
    16. 16. How to join us ?• Visit any of 10 clubs for free as a guest• If you decide to be a member: - ask for a membership application - pay membership fees (42 USD per half year + 20 USD for new member books)
    17. 17. Contact us: Twitter: @toastmasters_ua You Tube: toastmastersukraineE-mail:
    18. 18. Visit US! Make a CHANGE!Yes... YOU CAN!