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  1. 1. 1800s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000-2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Nokia/NAVTEQ becomes here 2012 Bing Maps 2010 Founded 1984 Founded 1991 Apple release iPhone using Google Maps 2007 Deal entitles Tele Atlas to updates from the Google Community Google signs 5 year deal with Tele Atlas for maps June 2008 First Phone Oct 2008 Google stops using TeleAtlas in US gathers map data from own consumer feedback Oct 2009 Founded 1995 Yahoo Maps 2002 Mapquest to use Navteq providing 73 countries 2008 Founded 1865 Founded 1998 Launched 1996 Google buys Android 2005 AOL buy Mapquest 2000 Nokia Purchases NAVTEQ 2007 TomTom buys TeleAtlas 2008 Google Navteq split 2008 Exclusive provider of Yahoo maps & Navigation Services 2010 Maps API service discontinued September 13, 2011 Microsoft agree 10 year licensing deal with here Nokia focus on iOS and Android devices 2014/2015 Microsoft launches Bing 2009 Apple discontinues Google and use TomTom 2012Founded 1976 OpenStreetMaps 2004 50,000 Registered Contributors 200,000 Registered Contributors 1,000,000 Registered Contributors OpenStreetMaps 2008. Stopped US maps later that year From 2012 Purchased 2008 Until 2012 Until 2008 10 year contract signed 2014 OpenStreetMaps only provides maps. Geolocation and other services are provided by third parties like MapQuest Founded 1975 Microsoft buys Nokia Devices and Services (not here) 2014 Founded 1985
  2. 2. *Source: NY Times: Mapping is an expensive business. If you haven t already built what these guys have built, it doesn t make sense to start now. Annette Zimmermann, Gartner There are only a few mapping businesses in the world, Ehud Gelblum, Citigroup Private Equity Bids Customers 2015 Nokia Sells? 1000 Million Users (Andriod)* Google, for its part, counters that it makes tens of thousands of changes to its maps daily and that it uses complex algorithms and external information from the likes of the United States Census Bureau to build maps for 198 countries.* Leading competitor 100 Million Users (Windows)* 50 percent of the Nokia mapping division s yearly revenue is generated from carmakers In Car Navigation 80% of global market* Nokia contends that its mapping products, which are updated 2.7 million times a day, are more accurate than its rivals offerings, and that its ability to customize its maps for different customers sets Nokia apart.*