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Ym elite-2014-assignment-18.1-mobile-marketing-strategy-chinh-vu-dung


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Ym elite-2014-assignment-18.1-mobile-marketing-strategy-chinh-vu-dung

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Ym elite-2014-assignment-18.1-mobile-marketing-strategy-chinh-vu-dung

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT 18.1 – [Mobile marketing strategy ] [Chinh – Vũ – Dung]
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing – what is it? An implemented marketing technique derived from marketing strategy to be used on mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, etc., with various forms as regards mobile apps, mobile SMS, mobile website… Mobile Marketing Mobile marketing come into picture only since around 2002 but already catching up with other integrated method of marketing. Target audience are on-the- go people, people who enjoy their mobile services convenience, and who are ready to interact not on sided communication Marketing that happens on mobile for mobile users
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing Strategy - What is it? A strategy in which optimized the use of mobile marketing to achieve objectives Decides which tactic to use, when to use them and how to link them to best achieve objectives Digital marketing strategy Mobile marketing strategy Marketing Strategy Mobile Marketing strategy
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing Strategy: How to create? Analyzing Context Defining objective Choosing tactics Timing and budget Evaluation A mobile marketing strategy has a process as follow
  5. 5. What is the context in which you are operating (any issue, problem,…) and how is this likely to change in the future? Understanding brand’s target audience: audience of mobile marketing comes from target audience of marketing campaign + active mobile usage Target audience must be clearly defined: • who they are • what they usually do with their mobile • Where do they get their information • Behavior toward each tactic • App download and using • Life cycle of app, info, etc. Analyzing Context
  6. 6. Derived right from marketing strategy objectives or digital marketing strategy objectives Changing behavior toward the brand from passive awareness, active knowing, communicating, trigger to buy, adoring. Objectives must be very clear to choose the right strategy and tactics Defining objectives
  7. 7. Choosing the right tactic to target the right audience and reach for the objectives Choosing tactics
  8. 8. • After understanding the journey of audience and choosing the tactics, they needs to be combined to create the strategy • Create a timeline for audience to experience your mobile marketing as well as keep them follow your tactics to tactics • Budget is used to optimized and constrain the scale of each tactics Timing and budget
  9. 9. • After every campaign launch, grow and end to adjust the next one following the changes of audience and environment Evaluation
  10. 10. Mobile marketing Objective: Starbucks Hong Kong wanted to encourage consumers to participate with its brand, drive downloads of its app and boost seasonal sales (winter) Issue: How can attract consumers using our app when they have a lot of those things on their phone? Target Consumer: Mobile users . Balanced gender Like to take a photo via phone Phone also the their part of body to connect with others. Example
  11. 11. Execution: “Twinkle Surprise”. A pay-it-forward style promotion: a Starbucks app and a “Kaleidobox” which is a simple cardboard box designed with a mirror inside that reflects the video on a flat panel. By sending loved ones and friends ‘A Twinkle Surprise’, both the sender and recipient will receive an email with an e-coupon attached to redeem a ‘Buy One Share One Treat’ and a complimentary Kaleidobox, at any Starbucks Hong Kong and Macau store. To view their video greeting, consumers had to simply download and launch the app, then place their smartphone on top of the Kaleidobox, which projected the video as a hologram. Result: 300% increase in app downloads in five weeks and had 53,000 app users take part in the Buy One Share One treat leading to a 20% increase in drinks redemption compared to their previous campaigns.