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Digital marketing plan basics


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Marketing automation is software and tactics that allow companies to automate their marketing content and customer intelligence gathering processes to gain digital mindshare. It is key to nurture prospects with personalized, content that helps convert these inquires into customers' and repeat customers. Learn the basics...

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Digital marketing plan basics

  1. 1. WHAT IS IT? Marketing Automation HOW DO I USE IT? WHY DO I NEED IT?
  2. 2. Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks [ Thanks Wikipedia!]
  3. 3. All Market (TAM) Demographics Business Psychographics Demand Marketing Automation Marketing Automation Program Target Buyer
  4. 4. Brand Audit & Training Brand Development Tools & Processes Downstream Processes Definition Upstream Process Definition Feedback Loop Marketing action plan Feedback Loop Starting the process Build up a brand Design processes Define best practices Coordinate with BDMs & Engineers Deploy a media presence
  5. 5. Research Define Background Coordinate & Source Resources Define Deliverables & Times Lines Brand Image, Color and Font Brand Practices KPIs Brand Audit & Training Baby Steps
  6. 6. Tools & Processes • Tools can be monotonous but necessary to: – Coordinate Resources – Value Markets and Opportunities – Select Proper Campaigns and Investments – Tether Marketing to Finance and Company Strategy – Gain actionable VOCs (Voice of the Customer) – Establish KPIs and asses ROI Coordinating and Refining Existing Resources So what tools… and where do I use them?
  7. 7. Downstream Marketing (In-bound) Data Collection & Strategy Organizational • Use minimally but religiously • Ideal for event selection & user experience • SWOT, VOCs, Brand Equity, Scenario Analytical • Must be tethered to organizational activities • Ideal for KPI creation & NPD opportunities • TAM PAM SAM • NPD Vitality
  8. 8. Upstream Marketing (Out-bound) Data Utilization & Tactical Deployment Digital • Webpage, SEO and Content • Video Content and Webinars • Blogging, News and Case Studies • Data Collection Material • Collateral Circulation and Appearance • Trade Shows • Sales Enablement (Intranet) • Data Utilization Marketing Automation
  9. 9. Marketing Automation tradeshow website social media ads Anonymous tracking Conversion (business card, form, trade show, etc) Scrub Data (remove duplicates, merge leads, etc) Inbound/Outbound Marketing Collect Information Behavioral Track Lead’s BehaviorDemographic 86+ Rank Lead66-85 26-65 0-25 Not a Lead Reach Out When Lead is Ready BDM Inside Sales Sales Contact in 5 min Inside Sales Contact in 24 hr Nurture Nurture Employee Competitor
  10. 10. Oh yeah! Let’s go for a hike Karaoke? Can I make you dinner? Let’s go on a trip! Will you marry me? Uhmm… I’m not ready Hey, It’s nice to meet you. My name is (Your Name). Want to have dinner? Let’s have another baby Honey moon! Let’s have a baby Let’s go for a hike #2 Marketing Automation is a bit like dating. Sales and Marketing Workflow
  11. 11. • Lower the Barrier to Entry Minimize what you put behind a form • Ask more at each interaction Utilize progressive profiling to collect more information as the lead becomes more engaged Listen
  12. 12. Customer Pull • Provide education and information on a demand basis • Give things for free (white papers, tools and tips) • Build on information delivered based on lead’s actions
  13. 13. Funnel Phases and Lead Revenue Stages
  14. 14. Anonymous MCL MEL MQL SAL SQL Customer SFDC Contacts OnlySFDC Leads AND ContactsSFDC Leads Only Digital Marketing Platform of your choice! Funnel Phases and Lead Revenue Stages
  15. 15. Anonymous MCL MEL MQL SAL SQL Customer Bringing together Strategy and Tactics M SAutomated in Marketo SFDC triggers action in Marketo Marketing Responsibility Sales Responsibility Inside Sales Responsibility Not a Lead Recycle Lost S M S M S A A M M M M A A MM S S
  16. 16. Anonymous MCL MEL MQL SAL SQL Customer Not a Lead Recycle Lost Consideration - Industry Positioning - Guide Evaluation - Solution Focused ROI Evaluation - Product Focused ROI - Case Study - PR Remarketing - Advantage over competitor chosen - Why switch - New Products Awareness - Thought Leader - Build Brand - Low Pressure Remarketing - New Products - Complimentary Products No Nurturing No Nurturing Nurture Stages M
  17. 17. APAC, 315, 22% China, 89, 6% EMEA, 269, 19% India, 62, 5% USA, 675, 48% No Lead Left Behind • Power of Content & Marketing Automation Coordinate content themes in case studies at webinars, events to generate web interest for product or technology. Become a THOUGHT LEADER.
  18. 18. Automated Nurturing, Scoring, & Qualification of Leads LandingPages/CTAs SalesReady Awareness Consideration Evaluation Opportunity Won Lost Analytics Improve & Create Content • White papers • Webcasts • Newsletters • Best Practices • Solution Briefs • Datasheets • Webinars • Case Studies • FAQ’s • Tech Briefs • Brochures • Free Trial • Demo • TCO Calc. Retention & Recycling Sales / Marketing Inside Sales/Sales Email Paid Search Trade Shows PR Social Media Blog Website Organic Search Outbound Inbound Marketing Feedback Loop Summary Integrated Marketing
  19. 19. BRAND GO2MRKTEnable / Empower / Iterate Enable Sales Empower Customer Listen, Measure, Iterate Map MRKTValue / Measure / Coordinate Map Channels Value Markets Roadmaps and Validation Department Coordination Bringing it Together