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Lo shopper vede, in 30 minuti all'interno del supermercato, circa 15.000 prodotti ma ne compra mediamente 12. Diventa fondamentale allora, offrire soluzioni di testing che quantifichino le perfonrmance a scaffale dei cambiamenti previsti per i pack, i layout o anche il materiale di merchandising per il punto vendita. TNS offre una serie di soluzioni che sfruttano diverse metodologie, TNS Shopper Directions, per testare in modo efficace ed efficiente le attività di marketing prima della loro implementazione. Sono disponibili anche soluzioni di testing in virtual reality, dove è possibile valutare con soluzioni digitali il prodotto/pack, esaminandolo in ogni sua parte.

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TNS Shopper Directions

  1. 1. Testing and identifying winninginitiatives to drive sales in-store©TNS 2013Changes to packaging or point of sale layout often confuse habitualshoppers, and new pack, product and point of sale ideas that work inconcept often don’t work on a busy store shelf. Testing newinitiatives in a realistic retail context before roll-out is thereforecritical in order to select the ideas that work best on shelf, gain buy-in from retail partners and avoid costly mistakes.In a regular 30 minute shopping trip, a shopperpasses over 15,000 products but ends up buyingjust 12. Standing out in busy retail environments isa major challenge facing marketers and is critical todrive brand and category sales.Precise directions for shopper marketingTNS Shopper Directions is a comprehensive range ofsophisticated testing solutions that quantify therelative on-shelf performance of planned changes topack, shelf layout and point of sale material. .Recognising that different challenges requiredifferent methodologies, the Shopper Directionsportfolio allows testing at real in-store displays andmock shelves (where qualitative and eye-trackingmethods can be integrated), 2D static displayimages and more frequently realistic virtual retailenvironments (on and offline), providing flexibilityand choice to test all shopper marketing initiativesbefore roll-out.Retail & Shopperfollow us onShopper Directions
  2. 2. The power of virtual realityOvercoming the need for retailer permission and theexpense of testing in real stores, our virtual realitysolutions are a vital platform for clients to test theirideas regularly.Complementing our central location 3D virtual stores(offered in partnership with sister company Red DotSquare) our 3D online virtual reality tool is a hugestep forward in making new idea testing in a realisticA consistent framework for precise insightsNo matter the methodology, we use the sameresearch framework to test all initiatives, ensuringconsistency and creating worldwide benchmarksacross categories and countries. We understand thatwhat shoppers say and what shoppers do are notthe same; observing their actual behaviour whenfaced with a change to pack, shelf or in-storecommunications, is crucial for delivering the preciseand accurate research needed for decision making.Precision growthAt TNS we know that every marketing penny spenton testing counts. We understand our clients’ growthimperative and always provide them precise andaccurate direction, so our clients know how to findgrowth in-store.About TNSTNS advises clients on specific growth strategiesaround new market entry, innovation, brandswitching and stakeholder management, based onlong-established expertise and market-leadingsolutions. With a presence in over 80 countries, TNShas more conversations with the world’s consumers©TNS 2013step forward in making new idea testing in a realisticstore setting, an everyday research option. Withoutrevealing confidential ideas in public before launch,virtual reality testing is fast, flexible, reaches largeor niche samples and facilitates testing of multiplescenarios.Respondents complete a simulated ‘shop’ on theirhome computers anywhere in the world. They canpick up, zoom in and examine all sides of theproducts from the shelves. Shopper behaviour andpurchases at shelf are logged and combined withadditional feedback from the respondents through apost-shop questionnaire.has more conversations with the world’s consumersthan anyone else and understands individual humanbehaviours and attitudes across every cultural,economic and political region of the world.TNS is part of Kantar, one of the world’s largestinsight, information and consultancy groups.For more information, please or contactCarolina GerenzaniRetail & Shopper Practice Leadcarolina.gerenzani@tnsglobal.comfollow us onRetail & Shopper Shopper Directions