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Mobile Research: getting closer to the truth


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Con la progressiva a crescente penetrazione dei device di connessione in mobilità, si aprono anche nuove opportunità per innovare la raccolta infomativa. Si possono ottenenere informazioni più "fresche", in tempo reale, spesso anche più veloci. Alcuni casi concreti per evideniare le potenzialità delle indagini Mobile via App.

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Mobile Research: getting closer to the truth

  1. 1. Mobile Research: getting closer to the moment of truth ©TNS
  2. 2. What do we mean by mobile? It’s a flexible research platform Active Passive Interactive ©TNS 2 Diaries Surveys Barcode scanning Polls Photos, video or audio capture Mobile Usage Ad Exposure Location awareness Audio Sampling Share / rate Collaborate Score / compete Researcher moderator
  3. 3. And these new ways to interact with respondents delivering new insights High Audience Engagement Mobile ethnography – diaries, photos, video, audio capture ©TNS 2012 3 360° behavioural data – mobile clickstream, ad exposure, app usage Collected via Web Collected via App Low Audience Engagement
  4. 4. With many potential applications Consumption diaries Allows respondents to record usage, consumption or purchase occasions Experience tracking Isolate and assess each phase of the process, touchpoint by touchpoint Influence tracking Isolate and assess the impact of new marcomms activity as it hits the market ©TNS 4 purchase occasions Mobile ethnography Allows respondents to record their activities, thoughts and lives through mobile tools Mobile usage behaviour Measuring phone use including app usage, internet browsing and mobile ad exposure Enhanced segmentation Using mobile passive data to build a better understanding of the consumer than ever before touchpoint by touchpoint activity as it hits the market
  5. 5. 1 The opportunity it offers research © TNS 5
  6. 6. Mobile is always on and always with you, offering a convenient and continuous platform for research PC Mobile Tablet I feel I am ‘always connected’ to the Internet 64% ©TNS In bed when I wake up Early morning Commuting Late morning Midday Early afternoon Late afternoon Early evening Late evening In bed before I go to sleep During the night Source: Digital Life 2011
  7. 7. Creating three powerful advantages for mobile research ©TNS 7 Relevance RealityReach
  8. 8. It gives research new reach – Mobile diaries allow the continual collection of data, offering two new approaches ©TNS 8 Track everything Measure all consumer behaviours in a particular area to get a more accurate read on when, where, how and why they purchase or consume a product, for example Understand key moments Get a granular and deep perspective on what happens during the really important moments – immediately post-trigger, at the point of sale, and consumption / usage
  9. 9. Mobile diaries allow the continual collection of data, offering an exhaustive view on consumer behaviours Need / trigger Purchase Purchase Decision SalespersonSocial Media Sponsorship ©TNS 9 Brand Experience Propensity to buy Usage Friends & Family Retailer Website Brand Website Blogs Store
  10. 10. According to Google, the most important ‘moments of truth’ are: It can also offer an ‘in situ’ view of key moments in consumer-brand relationships ©TNS ZMOT Zero Moment / Post- trigger: What do you do when you decide to buy a product? Research behaviours / what sources influence? 10 FMOT First Moment / The point of purchase: What happens in-store / online as you look at products? What causes you to purchase that particular product? SMOT Second Moment Consumption / Usage: How do you use the product/service? When / How / Why etc Does it meet expectations? Source:
  11. 11. There are new tools we can incorporate… more stimula can be collected New capabilities Rich media Barcode scanning Location tracking Time stamping ©TNS Respondents can capture pictures or video on their device and upload them directly Respondents can scan barcodes, which automatically records product information Either via GPS or through a mobile signal. Although the former does drain battery and the latter is not hugely accurate The time that data is input is recorded, so can be analysed through this lens.
  12. 12. It is more relevant for our respondents As a more convenient way of taking part in research 1 2 3 Lives are busier Survey response rates in decline Mobile improves response rates by making use of “downtime” © TNS 12
  13. 13. It gets us closer to ‘reality’ – Thoughts can be recorded in real-time, without relying on respondent recall © TNS 13
  14. 14. 3 Some examples © TNS September 2012 14
  15. 15. A mobile diary program for a breakfast consumptions in Italy ©TNS 15 Study Objectives: Understand where, what, when, with whom, while doing what (media fruition) of the breakfast occasion
  16. 16. An Interactive Survey in Italy to understand relations occurring between brands and TV viewers to support decisions about product placement activities. ©TNS 16 Study Objectives: Relation between TV viewers and brand, in product placement activities
  17. 17. A long-running mobile diary program for a beverages company in the USA looks at a daypart and activity consumption ‘heartbeat’ ©TNS 17 Study Objectives: Map CSD consumption & its place in people’s lives
  18. 18. We recently conducted a mobile diary for beverages in South Africa Study Objectives: 1. Understand competitive set for soft drinks for different situations 2. How should soft drinks tailor marketing to these dayparts 3. Monitor daily variations against average consumption patterns so the ©TNS 18 average consumption patterns so the brand can react quickly to changes
  19. 19. It gave us granular information about the market share (servings) across day part to understand occasion competition Competitive Set for Soft Drinks: Fruit Juice at lunch and in between meals. Coffee morning and evening 7 7 18 8 19 10 21 10 2 5 Soft Drink Bottled Water Fruit % ©TNS 19 1 13 2 16 14 3 5 14 12 4 Fruit Juice Coffee Before breakfast Breakfast Lunch Dinner In between meals
  20. 20. An alcoholic beverages study in the UK looked at influences on purchase decision in the moment of Lager consumption Study Objectives: ©TNS 20 Study Objectives: 1. How to influence purchase decision on premise
  21. 21. TNS wanted to apply this mobile approach to communications evaluation in US… ©TNS 21 Study Objectives: 1. Monitor launches of new product 2. Track reach of touchpoints 3. Measure quality of attention
  22. 22. ©TNS For further information, please contact Gabriella Bergaglio Digital Practice Lead Tel. +39.334.60.91.720 22