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If You Give A Kid A Burger


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"If You Give A Kid A Burger" is an interactive online book that helps all ages understand how fast food affects the body and all of its systems and how to keep them healthy through providing alternate food options, diagrams, embedded vocabulary, activities, and much more!

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If You Give A Kid A Burger

  1. 1. akid ive u g .. If yo r. ur ge food s effec ts ab ut fast thy. trut h abo r bod y heal of th e hard ke ep you ration how to An exp lo y and on t he bodTiffany Reynolds, Jane Gross, Faraz Soofi, Evan Shepherd, Chris Bates, Jacob
  2. 2. Dedicated to...Mrs. WoottonFor her inspiring dedication to personal healthand fitness as well as her uplifting spirit in theclassroom.We love you. 1
  3. 3. Table Of ContentsPersonal Health Goals: (Pg 3)Chapter 1: The Bodys Chemistry and Tissues (Pg 8)Chapter 2: The Bodys Systems (Pg 14)Chapter 3: Fast Food and Healthy Options (Pg 19)Chapter 4: Cited Sources and Vocab (Pg 25;33)About the Authors: (Pg 27) 2
  4. 4. Personal Health GoalsMy name is Faraz and to stay healthy I eat agood amount of calories per day, eat myfruits and vegetables, get my needednutrition, and workout. I watch my diet andmake sure that I dont get too unhealthy. It isimportant to stay healthy at a young agebecause it will affect you in the future. I tendto avoid fast food and eat home cookedmeals because it is much more healthy. 3
  5. 5. Personal Health GoalsMy name is Jacob Hunter. I am helpingwrite this book because America is facinga great problem in obesity. Fast foods andexercise choices are to blame, and I thinkthis book can help educate. I personallywork on keeping my sugar intake low fordental health, and I exercise daily to stayin a better condition. 4
  6. 6. Personal Health GoalsIm Tiffany Reynolds and I am not ashealthy as I could be. I used to be in trackand field and much more active, but in11th grade I decided to focus entirely onacademics and my health sufferedbecause of it. Now that I dont have aheavy workload, Im bringing exercisingand eating healthier back into my lifestyle.Being healthy in your younger years willpay off or bite you in the butt in your lateryears. 5
  7. 7. Personal Health GoalsMy name is Evan Shepherd and I would liketo exercise a bit more than I do. I need torun more than I do because thats a goodway to stay healthy. 6
  8. 8. Personal Health GoalsMy name is Chris Bates and I am fairlyhealthy, fit wise, but I do not eat as healthyas I should. I run 3 miles and workouteveryday, and also I am in sports like trackand football. But even after football is overmy goal is that I want to stay in top notchshape, and my challenge is to start eatinghealthier foods and watching the fats andcarbs I am consuming. 7
  9. 9. L earnin g Toolsa nd Act ivities! Look for underlined words when youre reading! They lead to supplemental resources (games, quizzes, videos, ect.) that you can access by clicking on them! Merry Learning!
  10. 10. Chapter 1The Bodys Chemistry and Tissues 8
  11. 11. Before we can begin to talk about the body’schemistry, we should make sure that there is aclear understanding of cells. Cells are the “buildingblocks of life”, and they are where many importantreactions and events take place. Cells of animalsand humans are round and filled with tinyorganelles within the cell itself. All of theseorganelles are held in place by a substance calledcytosol. These organelles all handle very specifictasks that are individual to each part. Frommitochondria, the power generators of the cell, tothe nucleolus, which is the brain, there are manytasks and requirements that the structure of thecell provides for itself. The kind of cells that arefound in the body of people and most otheranimals are referred to as eukaryotic, meaning Cells help organisms everyday by functioning in thethat they are bound by a solid membrane on the body, which keeps organisms healthy. Some organismsnucleus. The structure of these cells are very are single celled like bacteria and some areimportant in relation to the function of the cells. multicellular like humans. Cells can find viruses, keep body clean, keep body functioning, and protect an organisms body. Cells have little organs inside of them called organelles that have vital roles to help the cells. Cells help with the different body systems and help them with their functions, for example cells can gather waste to help digestive system. There is a reproductive system for the cells where one cell can split into two cells and transfer DNA, which is used when cells are slowing down and need to get work done. Cells make up all the tissues in our body. 9
  12. 12. Epithelial TissueTo keep this tissue that makes up Vitamin A can be found in dairyyour skin and other protective tissues products and in most vegetables. Tohealthy and functioning properly you keep the epithelial tissue healthymust consume certain vitamins, you must watch your diet and intakeespecially Vitamin A. Vitamin A can a certain amount of nutrientshelp heal this tissue when damaged everyday. The amount of Vitamin Aand have it function correctly and you take depends on age and gender,possibly faster. It also protects usually the older you are the moreagainst bacteria and helps this tissue Vitamin A you need and vice versa. Ifproduce mucus to keep your organs you take too much Vitamin A it canhealthy. This tissue protects other damage the tissue and have verytissues and organs in the body, so it severe side crucial to keep it healthy. This is a microscopic picture of a simple cuboidal epithelial tissue type. 10
  13. 13. Muscular Tissue One thing about the muscles is that there are But the Skeletal muscle is the muscle thattwo types of muscles that you really can’t control. helps you with your joints, to move, and to liftThese are the Smooth and the Cardiac Muscles, things. So some things you could do to keep thisbecause they both are involuntary which means you muscle healthy:don’t have to think about them in order for them to 1. Lift Weights & Running- This is a great way to keep, notwork. Lastly, there are the skeletal muscles, which only your muscles, but also your entire well beingare the very well known muscles in your legs, arms, healthy, one because not running and sitting around could cause drastic gain in weight and weakening in muscles.and torso. Examples include the forearm, bicep, 2. Stretching- This is a great way to keep your muscles loosetraps, hamstrings, and quadriceps. There are more and also prevent things like cramps, tears, and stressedbut those are the main ones. muscles. The cardiac muscle is in the heart so 3. Eating Habits- Your muscles need lots of nutritious things, one including protein, and some good ways to get this issomething you could possibly do is run to keep your through eating good foods like meats. Then there areheart itself healthy. Then the smooth muscle is some foods that can negatively affect our muscles likearound your intestines and lower pelvis to help you greasy foods and fats.urinate and poop. 11
  14. 14. Connective TissueTo stay healthy, it’s very important to keep yourjoints healthy. Your joints are mostly made of upconnective tissue. For example, the tendons youfind in your ankles or wrists, your ligamentsaround all your joints, and the cartilage in yourknees is all made up of connective tissue. Thehealth and function of these joints are somethinga lot of people take for granted, but they arevital to your physical health.Everyday a tremendous amount of pressure isexerted upon your joints. As you walk or run, theconnective tissue in your knees and hips absorbsthe pressure exerted on your joints to protectyour bones. The connective tissue, such as thecartilage in your knees, serves as a cushion foryour bones. If it was not there, your bones wouldrub together and it would be extremely painful.To keep connective tissue healthy its importantto remember to stretch before any strenuous Dense connective tissue is youractivity that could potentially strain a ligamentor a tendon. Another way to keep your tendons and ligaments. Adipose tissueconnective tissue healthy is by vitamin is your body fat. Areolar tissue holdssupplements. Vitamins like calcium and vitamin organs in place and connects tissuesD help rebuild the cartilage and other tissues together. Compact bone tissue is yourworn down with age. bones. 12
  15. 15. Nervous TissueNervous tissue is located in the brain and spinalcord. To keep your brain healthy you need tomake sure you are taking Vitamin E, Vitamin C,Vitamin B, and Fish oil to keep it healthy. Youshould also do things that engage your brain,because just like your muscles the more youuse it the stronger and better it works.Engaging your brain more can also help reduceyour risk of getting alzheimers or dementia.The function of nervous tissue it to react tostimuli and conduct impulses to various partsof the body to cause them to react.Nervous tissue regenerates new tissue to repairdamage, but you shouldn’t treat it like a cut ora bruise. This is your brain and spinal cord you’re dealing with and so it could have some veryadverse effects depending on what and whereyou damage. The nervous system is composedof the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. It is alsosplit into two different categories: peripheral andcentral. The central nervous system is the brainand the spinal cord and the peripheral nervoussystem is the nerves that run throughout yourbody. 13
  16. 16. Chapter 2The Bodys Systems 14
  17. 17. Integumentary SystemThis is the organ system that protectseverything inside the body fromgetting damaged. Some of itsfunctions are being waterproof,getting rid of waste, protecting innertissues, and regulating temperature.This is the biggest system and containsthree layers, the dermis, epidermis,and hypodermis. The system protectsagainst infections, preventsdehydration, generates Vitamin D, andmaintains the bodys form. Overall,this is one of the more importantsystems and it plays a vital role thatprotects other organs and tissues. 15
  18. 18. Digestive System The digestive system is pretty familiar territory to most people. It is the track that food takes in order for the body to absorb nutrients. It contains the only organs that hold the ability to take in nutrients, so it’s kind of a big deal. Since it acts so directly with food and diet it is an important part of keeping your body healthy, it is critical that we fully understand the process of the digestive system. First, food enters the mouth where saliva is secreted to digest the smaller molecules through an enzyme. Remember, an enzyme is a chemical that speeds up reactions.16
  19. 19. Digestive System, Continued The next step is the esophagus sending the food down past your lungs (hopefully) into your stomach, where the real business happens. The stomach has some intense acids that digest protein and other chemicals. Acids like your stomach’s should dissolve the stomach tissue itself, but don’t worry. The stomach creates a mucus that guards against the harmful acids. The stomach flexes itself to shove the food and liquids into the small intestine. The last part of this journey is the food heading through the small and large intestines, where the walls of the organ absorb the remaining nutrients and moisture in solid foods, until only waste remains. The waste is then stored in the colon. Activity: 17
  20. 20. Nervous SystemThe nervous system is composed ofthe brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Itis also split into two differentcategories: peripheral, autonomic andcentral. The central nervous system isthe brain and the spinal cord. Theautonomic nervous system is thenerves that go to your organs. theperipheral nervous system is thenerves that run throughout your body.The functions of the nervous system isto control and relay information toand from the parts of the body. Theautonomic nervous system forexample controls heartbeat,digestion, and all the functions ofyour organs. 18
  21. 21. Chapter 3 Fast Foods andHealthy Alternatives 19
  22. 22. Panda Express Orange Chicken with Chow MeinServing Size: 15.1 ozFat content: 43gSugar content: 26gSodium: 1,680mg Technically, you can eat this meal, drink a water, and not blow through any of your daily nutrition values. However, you’d need to eat a pretty tiny breakfast andCarbohydrates: 108 third meal. This meal alone puts you at about ⅔ of the daily recommended fat intake, and the Chow Mein is nearly half of your daily sodium on its own. You can at least feel fine about the carbs: they are right on track with the recommended daily nutrition. Be wary, though. This little meal can rack up aboutCalories: 910 half of your daily calories. For a healthier option, try the steamed rice. It will cut back on that sodium for you and fight dehydration a bit better. 20
  23. 23. Taco Bells Crunchwrap SupremeProtein: 17 gFat content: 21 gSugar content: 7 g Once again, the fast food sodium will getSodium: 1110 mg you with this Crunchwrap Supreme. The hefty 1110 mg are about ⅔ of your daily dosage, and twice the amount a regular meal should take. Please, when ordering this item, takeCarbohydrates: 71 g it “fresco”. This cuts the fat content by a quarter and will be a little easier on your body’s chemistry.Calories: 540 21
  24. 24. Mooyahs BurgerProtein: 6 gFat: 1 gSugars: 10 gSodium: 21 mgCarbohydrates: 20 g Burgers area unhealthy overall, but you can add vegetables and other healthy items with it. A good alternative that will fill you up is justCalories: 113 eating the meat and having a side of vegetables or fruit. This way you are eating nutritiously and still getting a good meal. 22
  25. 25. Pizza Huts Pizza Pizza is very oily, has a lot of fat in theProtein: 11 g cheese, and a unhealthy crust. The only part that is kind of healthy is the tomato sauce. These carbs are unnecessary, instead youFat: 10 g could have a salad and get something with nutrition.Sugar: 2 gSodium: 530 mgCarbs: 27 gCalories: 240 23
  26. 26. McDonaldsAngus Chipotle BBQ Bacon BurgerProtein: 45 gFat: 39 gSugar: 16 gSodium: 2020 mgCarbs: 66 g Burgers from fast food restaurants, like McDonalds, generally are not the best choice if you want to be on the healthyCalories: 800 side, due to fake produces being used and consumed, and then the amount of calories, fats, and carbs being taken in just on one serving is not healthy at all. 24
  27. 27. Chapter 4Cited Sources and Vocab 25
  28. 28. ScientificVocabulary 26
  29. 29. About the Authors 27
  30. 30. Jacob Hunter spends most Jacobof his time restoring art anddesigning ultra lightweight Hunteraircraft. He went to highschool at New Tech High @Coppell, where he learnedhow to master the skill oftechnology management.While this is his firstendeavor as an author, he isvery excited to see how thepublic will receive this work.He believes that health, bothphysical and mental, is veryimportant for people tomaintain. 28
  31. 31. Faraz SoofiMy name is Faraz Soofi, I live inCoppell, Texas and attend New TechHigh @ Coppell. I play sports likebasketball and football for fun. I did playin the band for four years, I played thesaxaphone. I am strong in math andscience so I want to become anengineer. I love taking new challengesand I am very hardworking. I aminterested in the human body andhealth, I want to study this and helpother people and myself. 29
  32. 32. Tiffany Reynolds Hello Dear Reader, my name is Tiffany Reynolds and I am the Graphic Designer for this lovely book. I am a senior at New Tech High School in Coppell, Texas and I love the PBL Learning that allows us to have quirky projects like this to learn about the human anatomy! 30
  33. 33. Chris Bates My name is Christopher DeJhan Bates I am from Longview, TX and I moved to Coppell when I was in 4th grade and I went to Lee Elementary which is now Newtech High @ Coppell, my high school. ​I play football for the Coppell Cowboys Varsity team. Football has been a huge part of my life since I fell in love with the sport at the age of 6 maybe 7 years old, playing for the Pee Wee Coppell League. Even though I was the smallest kid on the field, I guess it was just my heart and work ethic and the mindset of wanting to be the best on the field, that made me extremely talented at the sport. But due to injuries and other issues I have not yet played a game in this 2012-13 season. 31
  34. 34. Evan shepherdMy name is EvanShepherd, I attendNew Tech HighSchool in Coppell, Iam a senior and Ilike all the fun andinteresting projectswe do here. 32
  35. 35. Regina Bailey, Animal CellsRetrieved at functioning to help body. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed October 22, 2012].What is a cell?. [ONLINE] Available at:[Last Accessed October 22, 2012].Richards, Beth (2012).What Kind of Vitamin Helps to Maintain Epithelial Cells?. [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed november 8, 2012].(2011).Epithelial Tissues. [ONLINE] Available at: [LastAccessed November 8, 2012]. 33
  36. 36. Thank you for reading. We hope that this book was helpful in making healthy and wise choices regarding food and your bodys chemistry!
  37. 37. "Deliciously educational! Critics are rating this book a 10/10 because of the helpful able to read and in I wish wed been information this the "If You Give A Kid A healthy options it supplies. my high school, maybe then I would The Burger" is an interactive systems, tissues, healthy options, why not to eat fast book goes over the body have actually paid attention... online book that helps all food, and personal examples. and not had so much extra ages understand how fast food weight!" affects the body and all of its - Rosie ODonnell systems and how to keep them "This is ahealthy through providing alternatefood options, diagrams, embedded videos, must-read forvocabulary, activities, and much more! anyone trying to keep the pounds off or just keep their body healthy! "As the editor for Look for it in my book club soon!" Seventeen Magazine, I know all of the things discussed in this book, -Oprah Winfrey but man did I learn it the hard way compared to being able to just read this awesome book! Three thumbs up! -Editor of Seventeen Magazine