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We quest hf


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We quest hf

  1. 1. What does 'endangered' mean? Endangered means: To be at a vulnerable state and near extinction. What are some of the things that cause species to become endangered? Somethings that cause species to become endangered are habit loss and doesn't just affect the one creature but the whole lot in that area. Another are pest which will kill endangered species. Also diseases that spread quickly from species and there is biosecurity which has unwanted orangisms that can harm species. What animal have you chosen to investigate? Hochstetters frog What does your animal look like? Where does your animal live? (Habitat) the hochsetters frog is found in the north island.It lives along the edges of streams in native forrests.They live in under stones in damp ground near the trees. What things does it need to survive? what it needs to survie is good habitat with a nice flowing stream and insects that it can find to eat. it is also nocturnal so needs some where dark to sleep through the day What does it eat? the Hochstetters frog eats little insects and are actually carnivores.
  2. 2. How does it fit into the food web? it fits in around near the bottom being able to killled by centipeds, stream fish and birds, with little insects down underneath it. Why is your species endangered? Its is endangered from mining for the miners to destroy its habitat. Also logging and again cutting down trees destroying their habit and having no where else to go. What organisations are helping your species? How are they helping? Halmiton zoo is helping because they are protecting it from a chytrid fungus and any other threats. Also to see the amphibian and get knowledge on them. As well they keep them there to breed and to educate others on them. Should we save this species? Why? We should save this species because we have hardly any amphibions in NZ and should keep them alive and then we can learn more about them. How can we does this? We can do this by stop mining in conservation lands and be careful when we do mine and make sure no species is living there and stop wasting paper because we get this from trees which get destroyed and create habitat loss for the hochstetter's frog. Is saving the endangered species possible in today's world? Yes it should be easy knowing the consquences so we should all be hinking before we act. as well you could persuade people which will lead out to heaps of people doing that. How has science and technology impacted on this endangered species? One of these impacts they have had on it is quite major with the mining and impacts it them and gets rid of their enviroment. A good impact is cameras which can actually video them by seeing what they do and how they can help them.