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Saving water


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Saving water

  1. 1. Saving Water <br />By Breanna de Gouw<br />
  2. 2. What are efficient and effective ways to save water?<br />Saving water is an important part of humans lives because without water we can’t survive much longer than 3 days. Planet Earth is in a water crisis and if we want to survive the water crisis then we need to save water. The only way we as part of the world can conserve water is to do everyday things but before we start to use water stop and think about what you are using that fresh water for and is there a way that I can save water. <br />
  3. 3. The ways that we can conserve water are a part of the things we do everyday things like hand wash your dishes, so you know exactly how much water you are using, was only full loads in the dish washer or washing machine, use a commercial car wash that recycles water, turn the shower off when you wash your hair, don’t turn the tap on until you are ready to wash your hand, take shorter showers. All of these are simple and easy everyday things that can be done to save many lives and a essential human need and they all start with YOU! <br />
  4. 4. What can I do to conserve water?<br />Saving water is up to everyone to pitch in, because if we don’t start to save water now then we will never get through the water crisis that we are in at the moment. There are many different ways that different people can save water and these are mine. I can do simple little things that make a big difference like leave the tap off when I’m brushing my teeth, turn the shower off when washing my hair and shaving my legs, leave the rest of the water that I don’t end up drinking on the bench for later, by doing all of these I won’t be wasting water in unnecessary ways. Even if you or I use less water we will still get the same out come. Next time you go to use water think before you turn the tap, shower or bath on is it really necessary for me to run the water when I’m not using it. <br />
  5. 5. Why do we need to save water when the earth’s water content is 80% of the earth?<br />We do need to save water, although 80% of the earth is covered in water. It’s because 97% of the earth’s water is salty ocean water, 2% is frozen ice and only 1% is fresh drinkable water. Water is a vital part of not only humans lives but also animals lives too. In order for us to survive we need non-polluted, clean drinkable water which there is very little of. The whole world is in a water crisis as there isn’t enough water to around, so we need to start saving water to help save our own countries lives but also other countries lives and maybe even the whole world. Some other reasons why we should conserve water are because clean drinking water is vanishing because we are wasting it, your power bill will reduced and saves money, power and gas bills will drop because you aren’t using as much hot water. Simple things save a lot of people because you are saving water so that everyone will be able to get drinkable water. <br />
  6. 6. Why didn’t we start saving water from the very beginning?<br />There are probably other people out there who are wondering the same as me. So, why didn’t we start saving water from the very beginning. It’s because we just thought that there was lots of water to go around. We didn’t even know that the water crisis existed until we found out that only 1% of the 80% of the earth’s water is fresh drinkable water. Once we found out that only 1% of all of the water is fresh it was to late and we were already in the water crisis. The only way that we can survive the water crisis is to save and conserve water which can be done very easily if you put your mind to it. <br />
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