Maori powerpoint (final)


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Maori powerpoint (final)

  1. 1. 1790 : Deep Sea whaling, sealing, flax and timber trades commence Maori suffer the first serious introduced epidemic. 1820:Ngapuhi chief Honga hiki vists England and brings back Muskets 1833:James Busby arrives at the Bay of Islands as a Official British Resident 1840:The Treaty of Waitangi is signed on the 6th of Feb 1856: Te Wherwhero becomes first Maori king and takes the name of Potatau I
  2. 2. Cause Treaty of Waitangi Prepared for French invasion Peace between European s and Maori Hone Heke protesting loss of land Potential loss of land Prepar ed for War Land brought and sold fairly Better living styles for the Europeans Reconnection with tribal origins and acquired weapons
  3. 3.  How did the Maori have to adapt to the Europeans?  They had to cope with the whaling sealing and any other epidemic the Europeans created.  Adapting to the agreement when the Chiefs had to sign the Treaty of Waitangi  Adapting to a different area when they were forced to abandon their territory.  Getting used to Europeans living amongst and beside them  They had to cope with the Europeans culture and ways of getting things done
  4. 4.  I believe that the Treaty was unfair because after it was signed the Europeans forced the Maori to leave their territory and live somewhere else.  Also the British promised to the Maori a government but all were British not one Maori was part of the government this gave the Europeans power over NZ.  The land then practically belonged to the British  Translation between 2 copies of the treaty were different  They were pretty much forced to sign the treaty What's your say in this?
  5. 5.  The English version of the treaty provides protection, government and peace for the land  While the Maori version only provides a government.  There were differences some say it is a big difference from the English treaty and the Maori didn’t have a fair chance.  The Maori Version was translated quickly but professionally some of the other Governors suggested changes to the Maori version LT Governor Williams was against this
  6. 6.  Originally Polynesians arriving at the year 1300 AD  Polynesians had to adapt to the modern temperature in N  The biggest source of food was the Moa it was so popular amongst the Maori it is now extinct  Gradually the Polynesians split the land and created tribes these were the first of all Tribes  Hunting took time and patience the only had spears  From tropical islands they had to switch to agriculture to hunting  They had no form of writing or official language
  7. 7.   The Treatyof Waitangi By Ross Calman  The Maori by PamelaOdijik  .nz  Library,tauranga.govt   The Treatyand its timesBy Paul Moon and Peter Biggs