Liams and bradley slideshow inquiry


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Liams and bradley slideshow inquiry

  1. 1. By Bradley and Liam
  2. 2. History of Maori in New Zealand 900 NZ discovered by Polynesians 1350 Maori Culture made, also Rangitoto explodes 1642Abel Tasman finds NZ and has a violent encounter. Around 1770 James cook sees NZ and makes the first European observation of Maori 1773 Potatoes and farm animals introduced to NZ 1800 Europeans trade guns to Maori 1820 First Missionaries arrive in NZ 1835 NZ becomes an independent country signed by 34 chiefs 1840 The treaty of Waitangi is signed 1845-1872 War between Europeans and Maori
  3. 3. Cause and effect Cause: fighting Land selling/trading Protection Without the treaty authority for Europeans to live in NZ Stopped wars between Maori tribes Bought peace to Maori and Europeans Control over where immigrants settled Proper control of trade Control of land sales
  4. 4. How did Maori have to adapt to European lifestyles • When traders and Missionaries came lifestyles in some area changed and never went back. • A lot of Maori live in cities and towns • One of the most traded thing was muskets • Having European technology like gardening tools, animals etc. • Having their own religion to becoming a Christian
  5. 5. Do you think it was fair? • Yes • They agreed with the treaty of Waitangi • They were the ones who wanted the resources and technology • They got a lot of benefits out of it
  6. 6. What did Maori and European share or trade between each other • Europeans traded muskets to Maori • Maori gave Europeans land • Europeans gave potatoes and farm animals • The Maori shared the whole of NZ by signing the Treaty • Europeans gave out books and educated the Maori
  7. 7. How did Europeans know to come to New Zealand • They sent people back to the United Kingdom • Scattered posters throughout the United Kingdom for people to come to New Zealand
  8. 8. How did Maori know English and vice versa? • A written form of Maori was created by English missionaries. ( with help of Maori) • Missionaries teaching Maori to read and write in English and Maori. ( if couldn’t understand written form)
  9. 9. What about today? How do the past events effect our lives today? • We live in peace. (with laws made to protect the society) • Land ownership still being argued over. • British can live in New Zealand peacefully and immigrate • No more wars ( Maori vs. European, also between the Maori tribes) • We have a government in place with laws • We have local councils for different places around NZ
  10. 10. Bibliography • Websites: • • • • file:///F:/waitangi%20immigration.htm • Books: • The treaty of Waitangi New Zealand 1990 • The Maori Pamela Odijk published by Macmillian Australia