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Find mini inquiry (anwers)

  1. 1. How much time would I spend on average doing Homework? Homework takes time so you need to finish it. Some people leave Homework to the last minute but usually that makes you rush it. Homework on average should be about 1 hour a day afterschool. If you split that hour up into 4 then you can do 4 subjects in the time of 1 day. But some Homework may take longer than 1 day all you need to do is finish that homework the next day. Do that for three days and you should complete your homework. In what ways would I show my timetable? I will show it on the wall in my room with 2 pins up against it. It will be put up as paper. But it will be laminated. That way then people can’t scratch paper off it. Where would I put my Timetable? I would put my Timetable somewhere that it can be seen easily. Then myself and others like my brother or sisters can see the Timetable. A good place to put a chore Timetable would be a place that is the moat commonly used for example. You could put a chore Timetable on the fridge so people who open and close the fridge can see it easily. Why is creating a Timetable a good idea?
  2. 2. I think creating a Timetable is basically planning out your week then transferring the plan onto a chart. It’s an easier to read version of the plan but shows what your going to do through a chart. What should I include on my Timetable? It is best to show everyday of the week on a Timetable. Sometimes things come up unexpectedly and you have to remember what it is. What I shall include on my timetable is all 7 days of the week. What I am mostly going to do on all of these days are 1 extra box for anything unexpected. Why are timetables important to me? Timetables are important to me because usually I am very unorganized. Especially homework wise. Timetables are also important to me because it really helps me know what I am doing I do it properly. Why should I use my Timetable and what are the reasons? I would need a timetable because it really organizes me and gives me a plan of things to do. It’s an easier way to organize the way I live.