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bradleys Narrative


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bradleys Narrative

  1. 1. Disaster Before cars where invented there was a tiny village entitled Springton. It was a greatly pure place like fresh fruit. In Springton everyone knew each other highly well. Especially George, he was fun, clever and was loyal. George loved the village. Getting around was easy since it was such a small town you only needed to walk or bike. Then one day, a new person arrived. He was a really odd man. This guy did not talk, nor make a sound. All he did was observe and seek out what the village people did. The people of Springton got freaked out and always tried to bypass him as best they could. That week he suddenly disappeared. No one knew where he went. So the people went back to their ordinary lifestyle and played around. Weeks passed with still no sign of him. At the next meeting in the hall he appeared. Every person of Springton was speechless. Finally the man started communicating. This man was an inventor. He had made something for the people of Springton to get around quicker. This was called a car. They were all confused by this invention. The inventor shed some light on the car. This made the cars appealing to everyone, except George, he didn’t trust this invention. The cars were expensive. Only the rich could afford cars. The inventor decided to make cheaper ones for the poor to get. Success. Mostly everyone in Springton had a car. George didn’t. The people of Springton were now taking them for granted. Driving them short distances that could be walked. When George was biking to work he viewed all these cars jammed up. By the time George got to work most people who went by car where still jammed up and no one had moved. The inventor saw this then quickly realised that they had run out of fuel. He announced that the cars ran on something known as petrol. The man employed some builders to a make a station to provide petrol which they pumped into the cars. The petrol was quite expensive but they would still pay because they were so desperate to drive them. The petrol station got overflowed. The people who worked there became really rich. George was disgusted by the amount people were paying. The next day there was still a car jam even though every car got refilled. George spotted something coming out of the backs of cars. This worried George since he had no idea what it was doing. He also noticed the people in cars getting bigger and bigger each day. The inventor then made a new design of car that could go faster then a normal car. Now there was a combination of standard and super cars. These would hopefully get cars around quicker and stop the jams blocking up the traffic. These were a major sell out.
  2. 2. When George was going to work he saw the gases coming out the back of super cars faster than the standard cars. This made George cough a bit going behind them and he was having trouble seeing where he was going since the gas got in his way. The next morning, when George went outside to go to work there was a big gas cloud above the village. It got lower and lower until it was like fog. The people of Springton were coughing and getting nauseas. Many had to go to hospital. The nurses and doctors didn’t know what was causing this. George did as he had done some research - it was the gas. George needed to get this information out, he knew he had to do this. He shouted and screamed telling everyone what was happening. They didn’t believe him since he didn’t have a car. George sprinted to the inventor and explained what was happening. The inventor was shocked. The inventor got out of the workshop and stopped every driver and told them about the gases. After hearing this, they banned all cars. George was confused about how to dispose of the gas cloud. The inventor and George got together to make a change and looked back on what had happened. The inventor worked on finding a different way to power the cars. George tried to find a way to get rid of the gas cloud. While the people of Springton worked off weight. George didn’t know how to get rid of the gas. He went outside to think. George saw a tree and started heading over to it to sit underneath it. The air around the tree was really clean and fresh. It struck him as he saw a seed on the ground, he planted it into the dirt. By Bradley Hall