Blast fishing


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Blast fishing

  1. 1. Blast fishing I had a pretty good life but that was before those people with the crates arrived. A dark big oval the size of a great white shark loomed across the tropical water! Since then the village has never ran out of fish. My name is Buzz I'm a coelacanth but I don't really know how I came to be in tropical waters. I now live in wonderful conditions in warm water and with good neighbors a coral for a house I seemed to have it all till my neighbors died I only see a few fish swimming about now a days. Why you ask? Well all because of the nearby village they used to take only what they needed but now there overfishing How? Because of those dreaded Dynamite! And it packs quite a punch. To top it all up there is this strange phenomenon that stops fish in there tracks its like the world stopped turning! The Coral reefs are like ruins, a long forgotten city if you like to call it that.
  2. 2. He smelled like a dead rat with a rotten egg plopped on his head and his name was Bruce. He was dirty and often flies hovered above his head, his appearance made him look like an utter disgrace, a penniless pile of poo! This was wrong he was filthy rich wallowing in money everyday. It was him who was in charge of the crates, it was him who was in charge of the red sticks, it was him who was in charge of the bottles that had the big green title “CYANIDE”. But what could I do? Im a fish I'm no match for The Hulk he'd turn me into smoked fish! After a few weeks the overfishing had died down the reef was restored to peace... Not quite! “Bring me smoked fish I'm hungry”the chief had yelled himself hoarse no sooner then 5 seconds had his cooks came hurry to him with a brown fish. The chief took several sniffs at it … “BRUCE!”. Bruce was in the chiefs hut faster then you can blink an eye. “I smell GUN POWDER!??! BECAUSE OF YOUR WRETCHED FISHERMEN!” The chief had blood veins sticking out his neck and his face was as red as a sunset. Bruce was shivering in his boots the chief was the only one he feared for he had a voice of thunder! Bruce walked out the door
  3. 3. cursing the chief under his breath “oh and one more thing!” Bruce turned around “Take a bath Bruce! You smell like my feet!”. Cyanide was loaded into the boats and pushed out into the water spearguns, tridents and nets were thrown into the boat. The struggle had begun! In no time at all spearguns, tridents where launched into the water it was every fish for himself! There was no dynamite so most fish got away . The dead was put into the net and hoisted into the light about one by one we got killed their aiming was terrible! We started having fun by dodging and swimming in circles! “ their making fun of us!” one of the crew shouted! “Send in the cyanide!”Bruce whispered in a deadly way Soon numbers were falling! This time it was too late for anything even for running, besides Buzz didn't want to... Right then a spear shot through Buzz and the last thing was the glimmering light of the surface. A few weeks later...
  4. 4. There was nothing left of the coral reef just those of the dead. The village was left to starve the chief was furious! At Bruce he kicked him out of the village and was not seen. On a cloudy day the chief was desperate for idea the suddenly the light bulb in his head lit up! He got his childhood fish tank, in there was three of the most beautiful fish ever seen. He gently tipped the fish in the water saying his last farewells... Since that day there has been a restricted limit of fish caught the dead fish were thrown into the water for coral to regrow and then it would be recycled.