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  1. 1. Last minute deal
  2. 2. Cases• Bakery has still plenty of cakes left and the shop is closing soon. Cakes must be thrown away if nobody will buy them soon• Theatre show is beginning soon, but the big group just canceled their reservation and half of the seats are empty
  3. 3. Solution• Last minute deal- website• The companies can cut their losses and put adverticement up there
  4. 4. Examples• Chocolate cake for 10 persons [insert picture] -50%, now only 20€. Deal ends 6pm today. 5 Left• Theatre seat -50% for the first 5 reservers, -30% for the rest. Deal ends in 53min. 12 Left
  5. 5. Benefits• Customers benefits by saving money• Companies benefits by cutting the losses and getting new customers -> People will buy things they wouldn’t buy otherwise when they are cheap.
  6. 6. Targeted marketing• People who buy cheap last minute things differs from those who really wants it• Example: Family won’t leave their next Christmas holiday plans for chance, instead they will reserve the tickets on time• Same thing with wedding cakes, anniversary plans etc
  7. 7. Targeted marketing• Cheap last minute price will attract people who haven’t tried it before• If the first experience was positive, people will come again• Example: Impulsive purchased cake tasted good, so I’ll order my birthday cake from this same bakery
  8. 8. Business plan• Customers will pay their purchased online and get receipt which they use to get the product• Webservice gets a small cut of this money