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Live each day like its your last2


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Live each day like its your last2

  2. 2. “When youre playing against a stacked deck, compete even harder.Show the world how much youll fight for the winners circle.If you do, someday the cellophane will crackle off a fresh pack,one that belongs to you, and the cards will be stacked in your favor.(GreatQuotes).”-Pat Riley(former basketball great)
  3. 3. OVERVIEW• How I dealt with the loss of mobility• How I communicated my shift.• The great feeling of being on top of the world to the moment of not knowing what the future holds.
  4. 4. • The World was my proving Ground. • LIFE IS GRAND.
  5. 5. LIFE CHANGED QUICKLY • The Intense amount of struggle ahead. • Feelings of Anger and Rage.
  6. 6. • Martin Luther King Jr.• “Only in the darkness can you see the stars (good reads).”
  7. 7. COMMUNICATING• My Family were my biggest supporters• Honesty With My Family
  8. 8. AUDIENCE• Communicating to my team.• How I felt around others.• Brotherhood Got me through this experience.
  9. 9. OTHER PEOPLE• Showing hope to others .• Talking to players that were hurt.• Being a mentor for the younger players.
  10. 10. TODAY • How I feel today after the accident. • Some Higher Power in the Universe.
  11. 11. Message
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