Accelerating GIS Implementation in Local Government


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Provides an overview of how Putnam County, TN and the City of Cookeville partnered to share resources an collaborate on data maintenance in order to grow their respective GIS programs. Presented at the 2013 Esri Southeast User Conference in Jacksonville, FL.

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Accelerating GIS Implementation in Local Government

  1. 1. Accelerating GISImplementation in LocalGovernmentRandy PorterPutnam County, TN Emergency ServicesDavid SpeightTrue North Geographic Technologies, LLC
  2. 2. • GIS Development• History• Drivers for Growth• Collaboration• Current Environment• Keys to New ProgressOverview
  3. 3. Putnam County / City of Cookeville, TN
  4. 4. GIS History – Key Events1991 1995 1999 2001 2003 2005 2011City procures first aerial mapping project,partners with TTU (1991)City assumes maintenance of GIS (1993)911 mappingwithAutoCAD911 Wireless Phase 2911 converts to GISState of TN Base MappingRegionalHomeland SecurityMappingCookeville/PutnamGIS CooperativeCouncil Formed
  5. 5. GIS History – 1991 to 2011• 911 (County)• Mapping landline calls (AutoCAD)• Mapping wireless Phase I/II calls• State funding provided• Assessor of Property (County)• Conversion from paper/mylar to GIS• State Base Mapping Project• Planning & Engineering (City)• Mapping to support development• Map production• Utilities (City)• Mapping facilities• Map production
  6. 6. GIS History – Recent Events• 2011 - Small Public Safety ELA (County)• 2012 - Small Government ELA (City)• 2012/2013 - ELA access to Esri softwarebegins to enable sharing of data &basemaps
  7. 7. Increasing Collaboration• Cookeville / Putnam GIS Cooperative Council• New City GIS Coordinator• Monthly meetings initially, now quarterly• Sharing current activities• Comparing data maintenance• Identifying active and potential stakeholders• Prioritizing data cleanup and shared editing• Agreement to implement Local GovernmentData Model (LGIM)
  8. 8. LGIM Strategy• Common Datasets• Identify key datasets to eliminate duplicationof effort• Extend feature classes to add neededattributes• Set up two-way replication of commondatasets• Publish basemaps using LG templates• Application-Specific Datasets• Each partner implements as needed & sharesvia one-way replicas
  9. 9. LGIM Common Datasets• Address• Extended to meet State 911 data requirements• AdministrativeArea• Elevation• ParcelPublishing• Weekly imports from State of TN schema• PublicSafetyPlanning• Supporting city/county prefire planning• ReferenceData• Extended to support State 911 data requirements• Extended to support city/county structureinventory
  10. 10. Local Government Basemaps• General Purpose• Imagery Hybrid• Topographic• Parcel Public Access• Public Safety• Published/hosted byCounty IT• LGIM data providedto Esri via CommunityMaps Program
  11. 11. Adding ParticipantsFrom 1991 – 2011• 911• Property Assessor• City Planning• City Utilities• Electric• Water/Sewer• GasSince 2011• EMS• EmergencyManagement• City Codes• County Codes• City Fire• City Police• Elections• District Attorney• TTU
  12. 12. Current Environment - GeodatabaseCityProduction(PostgreSQL)CountyProduction(SQL Server)GasElectricWaterWWW911DispatchAssessorCachingServerFile GDBFile GDBWorkgroupGDBWorkgroupGDBWorkgroup GDBWorkgroupGDBPersonalGDB
  13. 13. Current Environment – Web ServicesCACHINGSERVERPublic-facing AppsExternal Public Safety AppsInternal 911 AppsBasemap Cache UpdatesInternal Image ServicesCaching Services
  14. 14. Current Environment – Local Gov Apps
  15. 15. Projects In Progress• Putnam County InfoLink• Emergency Management Common Operating Picture• Aggregate info from utilities, schools, highways, pub. safety
  16. 16. Projects In Progress• Upper Cumberland MediView• Regional medical services data sharing
  17. 17. Keys to Progress• Enterprise License Agreements• Allowed County to expand existing capabilities• Allowed City to implement true enterpriseenvironment• LGIM• Created opportunity to combine data assets in a moreorganized structure• Reduces duplication of work• Local Gov Basemaps• Makes it quick/easy to create new web and mobileapps
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. Thank you…Randy PorterPutnam County, TN Emergency ServicesDavid SpeightTrue North Geographic Technologies, LLC