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  1. 1. INTERACTION DESIGN PORTFOLIO by Terrance Nelson Rev PA1 2009-09-22 1
  2. 2. iPad Travel Application Concept This is an iPad application concept I designed for a travel company. The assignment was to create an iPad application that was extremely easyto use, streamlined and helped travelers looking for accommodation, restaurants, local sites etc. while traveling. Rev PA1 2009-09-22 2
  3. 3. Mobile Check-in (Appear)This is a mobile passenger check-in application that I designed for the Windows Mobile software platform for finger friendly ruggedizeddevices. Primary users will be airport ticket agents at remote locations away from the airport, in order to check-in passengers before they boardthe shuttle to go from the remote location to the airport terminal. Speed and of course ease of use were the main focus areas when designingthis application. Rev PA1 2009-09-22 3
  4. 4. Android Camera Application (SEMC) These are samples of designs for a next generation camera & video recording application running on the Android platform and created for Sony Ericsson’s new line of Xperia mini™ Android touch screen phones. The idea behind the designs was to limit functionality and make a camera application that was simple, easy and fun to use and took great pictures. Focus was purely on creating a great user experience without all the in your face functionality.View finder - Portrait Camera Album Scene Selector View finder - Landscape Rev PA1 2009-09-22 4
  5. 5. Camera cont. – Video Recording Video recorder - View finder Video recorder - Recording Video recorder - PausedRev PA1 2009-09-22 5
  6. 6. Android Video Application (SEMC)These are samples of designs for a video application running on Google’s Android platform. Again, this application was designed withsimplicity and user experience as the main focus. List view Play view with controls Play view Streaming video Rev PA1 2009-09-22 6
  7. 7. Side Project – Home Screen ConceptThese are screen shots of a design concept for a mobile touch UI Home Screen application. This is a concept were the user would longpress on the screen and application shortcuts would sneak in from the sides of the screen as panels, to give a preview of where the userwould be taken if they selected one of the panels, or what is currently happening in that application i.e., artist and album currentlyplaying in the music application. Rev PA1 2009-09-22 7
  8. 8. Side Project cont. - ContactsThese are screen shots of design concepts for a mobile touch UI application for contacts. The first screen is a contact list with socialnetworking updates for your contacts at the top, followed by most contacted/favorite contacts, with the full contact list starting after that.The second screen is showing a contact that has been selected (long pressed) and the actions that are available to take on that contact.The second screen also shows an easy way to tab between applications at the top of the screen, which would replace the social networkupdates. Rev PA1 2009-09-22 8
  9. 9. Side Project cont. – RSS FeedsThese are screen shots of a mobile RSS reader touch UI design concept. In the first screen you have the list of feeds that you haveactivated. The second screen shows the scrollable list of feeds in the selected feed group. The third screen shows the view when a feedis tapped and expanded and the options/actions available for that feed. Rev PA1 2009-09-22 9
  10. 10. Side Project cont. – “Camera roll”These are screen shots of a “camera roll” mobile touch UI design concept. In the first screen you have the photo stack in the lower rightcorner, which when tapped, opens the “camera roll” slide bar at the bottom, where the user can easily flick to scroll through photothumbnails. The user can slide their finger across the slide bar fast, or slow in order to see a preview of the images they have takenduring the current photo taking session. Rev PA1 2009-09-22 10
  11. 11. iPhone Side ProjectThese are a few screen shots of an early concept for an iPhone application I designed, that lets you see and browse through all the geo-tagged photos you have stored on your phone, based on where in the world you took them. Rev PA1 2009-09-22 11
  12. 12. Ocean Observations During my time at Ocean Observations I worked on a project for a Boston based mobile search company. The task was to design a concept for a multi faceted mobile search engine for entry level phones using WAP technology. Below is one of the main flows of the application. Scroll down + select Local Option of searching in Type Pi (with help from search to search around Scroll down + Pizza selected several different categories word completion) your current locationContinued…Rev PA1 2009-09-22 12
  13. 13. Local Search Results: Search Preferences:   Local Search selected and Scroll right Local Search to Change search result criteria by sorting by distance or name or easily changing search results returned with get more options and ways View search result on the map by the location, to get the same search selecting “Map” and zoom in to links to sponsors at the top. to breakdown the search. results for another location. get a closer look. Select a search result and receive detailed info. about that item, including links to reviews, website, the ability to send the location to a friend, call and/or get directions. Rev PA1 2009-09-22 13