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Sound cloud

  1. 1.
  2. 2. What Is Soundcloud??? is an European network basedin Berlin,Germany. It is a musically influencedsocial network that emphasizes the sharing ofmusic (legally). SoundCloud plays host tomusicians, producers, music enthusiasts, musiccritics, almost everyone who can find somethingto do with music. Musicians can also sell theirmusic along with advertising on SoundCloud, orthey can redirect customers to a site that willhost their product music.
  3. 3. Business vs. Social• Business Aspects: It is possible to start a business through SoundCloud, or one may use it’s benefits to make little profit for basic reasons.• Social Aspects: SoundCloud is primarily for music enthusiasts and artists alike. Although it is also available for casual socializing as opposed to music, but with less features than a primarily social based networking site.
  4. 4. 3 Key Features1. SoundCloud advertises the option to share and sell your music through a registered profile.2. SoundCloud also lets you record through their signature music player in a registered profile.3. Users may also place timed comments in another users uploaded track. (homemade or licensed commercial track)
  5. 5. Their PlayerSoundCloud features its own music player likeother music sites, but its most distinctive featureis that it shows the wavelength of the trackplaying (i.e smaller pitch tones in a track resultin a smaller wavelength while larger tones resultin an expanded wavelength.)
  6. 6. Their Player: Save Your FavouritesWith SoundCloud you can also make and saveplaylists to share with other user profiles. Fromthere you can save your absolute favourites foreasy access.
  7. 7. What Kind Of Track Was That???In most legit tracks that are uploaded onthere, you can also view what genre of musicthat track belongs in if your interested in whatsomeone shared. (Drum & Bass)
  8. 8. Hey They Have Like Too! Yes SoundCloud has like, dislike etc. buttonstoo. In a way it makes it easier to see what’sgood or not good. If your one of those peoplethat have to be up-to-date with what’s popular,Its also a good way to see what music is goingstrong, what a lot of users are listening to, whichartists seem to be soaring through popularity. Yes, Usher has nearly 30k likes.
  9. 9. The Comment StripThis is the interactive comment strip that showsa users timed comment when the duration ofthe track hits that certain time. SO, if at 0:30 someone placed a comment, it shows
  10. 10. They Have Groups As WellIf you are a person who likes music and you likesocial networks that like groups too, thenSoundCloud fits your basic needs for that too.You can hold discussions with other members ofthe group, and post music within the group forother members to hear through the “DropBox”(Contributors).
  11. 11. Creative CommonsCreative Commons is non-profit organization onthe web hosted within SoundCloud that is aplace for mix practitioners to innovate off of theworks of other artists (legally). The tracks thatusers upload and mix off of must be legallybought and will be recorded into theSoundCloud database. This is for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes only.
  12. 12. Mobile CompatibilityGo cloud with SoundCloud! SoundCloud also hasa mobile app for the android phone and theipad/iPhone and you can listen to whatever suitsyou tastes at the moment with a more thaninteresting visual experience. You can recordwhat you hear at the moment immediately withthe mobile record feature also.
  13. 13. For MusiciansCheck to see if your work is gaining positivefeedback and attention with the Lite Statsfeature. Lite Stats displays like a basic statsgraph showing how much attention your musicis gaining and whether its going strong or goinggone.
  14. 14. Premium FeaturesOf course there are always the premium optionsfor entrepreneurs and people who just can.• Lite: €29/year Appearance modifiers, 240 minute track upload limit.• Solo: €79/year or €9/month Unlimited downloads, Quiet Mode (no one can see what you don’t want them to see.) - 12 hour
  15. 15. (cont.)• Pro: VIP customer service support, Professional insight. €250/year or €29/month -36 hours• PRO +: EVERYTHING AND MORE! €500/year or €59/month – However long you want!