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Selected projects of Terry Naranjo, landscape architect with 15+ yrs experience.

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  1. 1. T e rry Na ra njo Landscape Architect Selected Works 919.740.7825
  2. 2. T e rry Na ra njo, R L A Landscape Architect Terry Naranjo has 15 years of experience as a landscape architect. He has managed and participated in a diverse range of project types. His experiences include all aspects of project delivery including conceptual program development, schematic design, construction documents, municipality ordinance review, bidding, construction administration and project closeout. E duc a tion Michigan State University Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, 1993 R e gis te re d L a nds c a pe Arc hite c t North Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan Work E x pe rie nc e CLH Design, PA Cary, North Carolina Elam Todd d’Ambrosi Morrisville, North Carolina HSMM/ AECOM Raleigh, North Carolina Design Plus Architects Grand Rapids, Michigan Hawkins Partners, Inc. Nashville, Tennessee S k ills a nd E x pe rie nc e • Project and client management. • Marketing and business development including RFP/ RFQ preparation. • Internal leadership and coordination of team members to achieve optimal productivity. • Establishment of goals, objectives, and tasks to achieve project and client needs. • Written correspondence and documentation to address a multitude of coordination issues. • Development and implementation of interdisciplinary systems and programs. • Development of schedules and budgets. • Specification and coordination with vendors of a wide variety of products types, materials, and costs. • Generation of alternate solutions for owner review and refinement of final selections. • Formal presentations to a variety of clients and consultants; individuals and groups. S e le c te d P roje c ts : P arks and G reenways: Ins titutional/Industrial/C orporate: Shelby Bottoms Greenway, East Nashville, TN Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, Durham, NC Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge, Nashville, TN; Wake County Continuum of Care, Raleigh, NC Battle of Nashville Monument Park, Nashville, TN Beaumont Baptist Hospital, Beaumont, TX E ducational/C ampus Urban D esign: Fort Benning – US Army, Columbus, GA Tennessee Titans Coliseum, Nashville, TN Central Michigan Univ., East Campus, Mt. Pleasant, MI 12 South Redevelopment Plan, Nashville, TN Michigan State University, Bakery Complex, E. Lansing, MI Florence Brownfield Site, Florence, SC Wayne County Public Schools, Goldsboro, NC Studio One Housing, Detroit, MI C ompute r S k ills : AutoCad 2008, Vectorworks, SketchUp, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Photoshop, Outlook, P e rs ona l Inte re s ts / Ac hie ve me nts : Family, gardening, music performance, travel / Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker (Georgia to Maine), 1999
  3. 3. Terry Naranjo, RLA Lands cape Architect G U IDING P R INC IP L E S  Create Environments that Inform Lifestyle  Design with nature and culture  Preservation, restoration, and regeneration  Systems thinking approach  Collaborative/ Multidisciplinary Approach  Foster Environmental Stewardship MU NIC IP AL AG E NC IE S S E R V E D:  Provide internal leadership/ mentorship  Wake County  City of Raleigh, NC  City of Durham, NC P R OJ E C T T Y P E S  Davidson County/ City of Nashville, TN  Urban Environments  Community Spaces  NCDENR  Industrial and Office  NCDOT  Govt. and Medical  City of Grand Rapids, MI  Mixed Use Environments  City of Goldsboro, NC  Education Environments  Town of Mount Olive, NC  Parks and Greenways  Town of Zebulon, NC  Religious Institutions  Wayne County, NC  Residential Sites  Kent County, MI MODU S S U S T AINAB L E S T R AT E G IE S  Create pedestrian environments and the public/  LEED documentation/ facilitation private realm  Rainwater Infiltration Systems  Celebrate the owner’s mission, product and people  High efficiency Irrigation Systems  Utilize design principles of unity, scale and  Preserve/ create wildlife habitat proportion  Incorporate art into the landscape  Cisterns for rainwater/ greywater  Celebrate and interpret the cultural landscape's  Green roofs and walls layered history  Drought tolerant plantings  Combine function with beauty and form  Native meadows/ No-mow zones  Provide connectivity between uses and users  Permeable Paving  Comply with municipal codes and ordinances  Low-voltage and LED lighting
  4. 4. (n) Urban Design T e nne s s e e T ita ns NF L S ta dium C a mpus Nashville, TN The architectural vernacular is inspired by the site’s industrial heritage. Design ‘Found’ monolithic art elements celebrate the use of visible infrastructure and basic materials of concrete and steel. The articulation of these elements extend into the landscape. Bold forms and rhythms are inspired by the architectural patterns and materials. The pedestrian experience is paramount in creating a unique campus environment. R endering by HO K S port P roje c t S umma ry: Architect:  Pervious reinforced lawn parking detailing HO K S port  Urban forestry compliance documentation Landscape Architects :  Pedestrian entry gate plaza paving areas. P eter Linds ay S chaudt, Inc.  Spot grading and drainage Spot grading at Entry Gate  Site furnishings specification Terry Naranjo, AS LA w/ Hawkins P artners , Inc.  Central control irrigation system design. (n) Urban Design Ne w T ow n C e nte r Ma s te r P la n Chengdu, China This master plan is the central business district of a larger community that incorporated a golf course and residential sections in an active ‘sports themed’ development. Access and circulation combined with the spatial requirements of programmed elements to create sub-districts within an overall composition. Existing water patterns were recognized and highlighted as an core amenity and form generator. De s ign E le me nts  Mix of themed uses including hotel, coliseum, commercial districts, and entertainment districts and high density residential areas.  Central ceremonial plaza  Selection of images that convey a sense of cultural and spatial understanding  River walk as amenity and form generator  Vehicular circulation patterns
  5. 5. (n) Post Industrial Design Competition Brickbottom C ompetition Boston, MA This solo competition entry sought to provide redevelopment strategies and design visions for the Brickbottom area of Somerville, MA near downtown Boston. The project goal was to integrate a mix of uses and create a new urban framework Existing Site considerate of existing and proposed contexts. De s ign E le me nts • Inspired by existing artist community • Create an arts and entertainment campus that celebrates cultural heritage. • Open space development • Transportation and Infrastructure • Development Density • Community Connectivity • Ecological / Environmental Issues Portion of Site Master Plan • History and Cultural Diversity (n) Master Planning Mix e d U s e De ve lopme nt Ma s te r P la n Apex, NC Site Master Plan for a 110 acre site in eastern Wake County, NC. The goal is to integrate a variety of land uses into a comprehensive planning effort. Transportation and access requirements were combined with a desire to create dense nodes and connectivity. De s ign E le me nts :  Walkable Community/ Pedestrian scale spaces  Buildings front the street  Integrate existing water courses  Transportation coordination with municipal long range plans.  Axis and coordinated sight lines to facilitate Landscape Architect: orientation Terry Naranjo w/ E TD
  6. 6. (n) Urban Design Dow ntow n Offic e T ow e r Nashville, TN Street-level site master plan for an office tower in Nashville, Tennessee's downtown financial district. De s ign G oa ls :  Unify the entire pedestrian level campus  Respond to architectural rhythms  Help create a Corporate Identity  Activate the pedestrian spaces  Accommodate rooftop construction Lands cape Architect:  Incorporate Cultural Heritage of Terry Naranjo, AS LA Nashville as ‘Athens of the South’ with Hawkins P artners, Inc  Provide a gateway into the city (n) Urban Design B row nfie ld De ve lopme nt S ite F e a s ibility S tudy Florence, SC The two plans shown explore options and maximize potential for an existing downtown brownfield site. Mix e d-U s e Option S ta dium S ite Option  Buildings form urban  Mixed use approach edge  Pedestrian scale spaces  Pedestrian scale  On-street commercial spaces space integrated into  Multiple axis alignments stadium structure  Outdoor dining areas  Outdoor dining terrace  Gathering spaces  Lawn-area seating Mixed Use Stadium Landscape Architect:: Terry Naranjo, AS LA w/ HS MM/ AE C O M
  7. 7. (n) Community Design S outh S hore Dis tric t Holland, MI This plan for an existing commercial district creates an important link between an historic neighborhood Existing Site Conditions and a marina area- shoreline greenway along Lake Macatawa near Lake Michigan De s ign e le me nts  Re-organized vehicular and pedestrian circulation systems  Streetscape enhancements Park Area Enlargement  Parking lot re-configuration  Public art location identification  Outdoor dining terraces  Community park Landscape Architect: Overall Master Plan  District identifying gateways Terry Naranjo, AS LA w/ D es ign P lus . (n) Community Design C re s ton S tre e ts c a pe Grand Rapids, MI Master plan for this existing 3/4 mile roadway corridor within the culturally diverse and historic Creston Neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Individual pockets along the corridor were examined more closely with small area site plans. De s ign E le me nts : Ne ighborhood  Renovation of public realm of S qua re streetscapes and public spaces  Pedestrian scale  Community charrette facilitation spaces  Traffic calming  Public art  On-street parking  Relocated Monument reconfiguration  Site furnishings Neighborhood ‘Square’  Central neighborhood ‘square’.  Interactive at-grade  Way-finding signage fountain  Public art locations  Outdoor café  Gateway considerations Landscape Architect: Terry Naranjo, AS LA w/ D esign P lus , Inc.
  8. 8. (n) Military Campus Ma ne uve r C e nte r Fort Benning, GA The project involved coordination with the architect and civil engineer to develop site plan elements which included a large scale gathering courtyard for a LEED Certified classroom building. De s ign E le me nts  Creation of monumental scale pedestrian plaza  Heat Island reduction, and water reduction  Form generating site-design patterns developed from careful study of architecture  Specialty paving design  Monumental scale fountains  Planting design  Sketchup modeling Architect: Landscape Architect HS MM/ AE C O M Terry Naranjo, AS LA w/ HS MM/ C O M AE (n) Medical Campus Me dic a l Offic e - E ntry C ourt Raleigh, NC The convergence of vehicular and pedestrian circulation provides unique design challenges for a medical facility main entry. Spatial requirements for pedestrian flows were studied in relationship to architectural rhythms to arrive at a pattern that accommodates functional requirements and provides visual clues on how and where to enter the building. De s ign E le me nts  Pedestrian orientation developed by creating a space that provides a sense of arrival and appropriate scale  Informed by architectural rhythms and materials  Simple planting pallet to accent architecture  Site furnishings and lighting inspired by the C lient: Architect: Landscape Architect: modern architectural vernacular W ake C ounty LS 3P Terry Naranjo w/ C LH.
  9. 9. (n) Corporate Campus P rimus F ina nc ia l C e nte r Brentwood, TN This courtyard for a corporate client provides an outdoor amenity for employees and visitors. Informal seating areas and gathering spaces allow for an interaction in a natural setting. De s ign E le me nts  Pedestrian circulation system design Lands cape Architect:  Planting design Terry Naranjo w/  Specialty paving detailing Hawkins P artners , Inc.  Mist fountain detailing  Site furnishings/ lighting  Courtyard hardscape design and details  Seatwalls integrated with native stones (n) Corporate Campus G e nte x Zeeland, MI A corporate facility addition required a complete reconfiguration of vehicular circulation and pedestrian patterns. De s ign E le me nts  Corporate ‘Front Door’ experience.  Architectural forms inform site patterns  The reflective of water, light, and glass  Illuminated bands of recycled glass under-lit with Lands cape Architect fiber optic lighting. Terry Naranjo, AS LA , w/ D es ign P lus , Inc.  Large scale tiered water feature and a reflecting pool  Corporate identity signage
  10. 10. (n) University Campus C e ntra l Mic higa n U nive rs ity Mt. Pleasant, MI Student Housing project added two 5-story wings to an existing facility. The project involved collaboration with the architect and civil engineer to coordinate access issues and provide connectivity to the existing site context. De s ign E le me nts  Pedestrian circulation system development  Visual unification through pavement patterns established by architectural rhythms  Gathering courtyards  Pond water feature integrated into stormwater system  Development of pedestrian environments at building Lands cape Architect entrances Terry Naranjo, AS LA  Planting design for minimized maintenance w/ D esign P lus , Inc. (n) Urban Residential U rba n T ow nhome s Nashville, TN This urban row-house project consists of 29 loft-style condominium units capturing views to the Tennessee State Capitol in Downtown Nashville. De s ign E le me nts :  Semi-private gardens that define Architect: individual residences E verton O gels by Architects  Simple plantings for low maintenance Lands cape Architect: and seasonal interest. Terry Naranjo, AS LA  Unify the entire length of building w/ Hawkins P artners , Inc.  Automatic irrigation system  Automatic entry gate detailing
  11. 11. (n) Retirement Facility P oc k e t P a rk Holland, MI A six-story building in a small downtown setting had nowhere for residents to sit and relax outdoors. Two options were provided to convert a concrete parking area into a passive seating area with plantings, benches, fountains and hand-on Organic Layout planting beds. De s ign E le me nts  Provide semi- private outdoor pedestrian space  Integrate into existing downtown streetscape.  Intimate seating areas  Allow for fellowship between residents.  Allow views into street  Small community garden  Responded to the architectural patterns More Formal and Symmetrical (n) Religious Facility Mt. Z ion C hurc h Nashville, TN This adaptive re-use project involved collaboration with the architect to provide pedestrian plaza design and construction documents for a large congregation church in a converted commercial space. De s ign E le me nts  Outdoor pedestrian gathering court  Retaining wall coordination with Architect: structural engineer Tuck Hinton Architects  Ornamental hand railing  Accent planting Lands cape Architect:  Architectural up-lighting Terry Naranjo, AS LA w/ Hawkins P artners , Inc.
  12. 12. (n) Cultural Landscape B a ttle of Na s hville Monume nt Nashville, TN At the center of this Civil War and WWI memorial is a re-creation of a sculpture originally created by Italian Sculptor Guissepe Morietti in 1929. A new obelisk and 'Angel of Peace' which sits atop; was newly carved out of solid granite. De s ign E le me nts  Plaza and seat walls integrated into the topography  Reconstructed “Peace Monument”  Pedestrian circulation systems & passive gathering spaces  Interpretive signage Lands cape Architect:: Terry Naranjo, AS LA w/ Hawkins P artners , Inc. (n) Urban Design Shelby Street Bridge Nashville, TN The Shelby Street Bridge, opened in 1909 was closed to vehicular traffic in Ornamental Railing 1999. It is now used as a pedestrian bridge linking Downtown Nashville, Tennessee to the East-Bank Stadium Campus over the Cumberland River. De s ign E le me nts / P roje c t S umma ry  Paving surface re-design and detailing  Unification through paving pattern rhythms  Cultural history interpretation Paving and Furnishings Layout Plan Lands cape Architect: Terry Naranjo, AS LA  Public art facilitiation w/ Hawkins P artners , Inc.  Ornamental overlook steel railing  Wood pavers design and detail on new overlooks.
  13. 13. (n) Greenway S he lby B ottoms G re e nw a y Nashville, TN Located along the Cumberland River in East Nashville, the Shelby Bottoms Greenway provides over 12 miles of paved and unpaved trails. The site’s Native American heritage was interpreted with symbols and signage. De s ign e le me nts  Site sensitive parking lot configuration  Walkway/ bikeway systems  Riparian and upland native habitat plantings  Way-finding signage  Site furnishing specification  Seating plaza and overlook design and details Landscape Architect:: Terry Naranjo, AS LA w/ Hawkins P artners, Inc. (n) Greenway E a s t B a nk G re e nw a y Nashville, TN Monolithic 'found-art' artifacts of the site’s industrial past were gathered, preserved and integrated into the concrete and earth allowing visitors to ‘discover’ historical evidence of an industrial heritage. De s ign E le me nts Landscape Architect::  On-site reconnaissance of artifacts Terry Naranjo, AS LA  Coordination with artists and sculptors w/ Hawkins P artners, Inc.  ADA compliant plaza layouts  Fine grading, and detailing of hardscape  Site furnishing specification  Lighting fixtures coordination
  14. 14. (n) Residential Hia tt R e s ide nc e Leipers Fork, TN This farmhouse garden had to much to accomplish in a relatively small space. A mix of architectural styles converged to inform the garden space. The organic, free-flowing spaces were a reflection of the owner’s personality and lifestyle. De s ign E le me nts  Establish circulation between the old farmhouse structure and the more modern addition  Native plantings to unify with adjacent woodlands  Provide grading and drainage with the smallest of tolerances for gravity flow.  Preserving the existing large maple tree.  Utilize an old millstone found on the property as a bubbling fountain (n) Residential Wa lte rs R e s ide nc e Greenville, NC This master plan utilizes axial sightlines, forms and materials that respond to the architectural framework developed by the 'Function influences Form' design. S us ta ina ble S tra te gie s  Native grasses and wildflowers  Low volume automatic drip Architect: irrigation system Tonic D esign  Rainwater harvesting  Permeable paving surfaces  Minimized lawn areas  'LEED for Homes' accreditation
  15. 15. (n) Residential Moore R e s ide nc e Columbia, TN Carved into a gentle slope to take advantage of a breathtaking view, this residential courtyard provides a perfect setting for entertaining. De s ign E le me nts  Built-in kitchen  Large wood burning fireplace  Custom designed arbor  Random rectangular blue grey sandstone paving  Small tumbled granite pavers create  Accent lighting  Retaining walls  Native Plantings Lands cape Architect: Terry Naranjo, AS LA w/ Hawkins P artners, Inc. (n) Residential Private Res idence The main design challenge for this lakeside residence was to accommodate a front and rear garden with completely different design styles De s ign E le me nts Front:  Formal symmetry and columns  Formal Plantings  Limestone steps and walkway  Guest parking area. R ear:  Organic approach  Integrated stone waterfall  Integrated Spa  Sandstone paving  Wood decking  Informal plantings  Custom ornamental ironwork.
  16. 16. (n) Residential Woodla nd R e s ide nc e Kingston, TN An existing residence needed a gathering space to entertain but was sited adjacent to a gently sloping landscape with mature oaks and maples. A natural clearing was chosen to site a circular terrace a short distance from the rear of the house. De s ign E le me nts  Native plantings  Vehicular access  Permeable paving  Stone steps carefully integrated into the existing grade  Radius wood arbor  Recessed lighting and audio  Bubbling fountain (n) Residential P riva te R e s ide nc e Landscape master plan for a beachfront home on beautiful Lake Michigan. The initial sketches reveal an appropriate scale of screen plantings and ground covers. De s ign E le me nts  Informal cottage style  Dune grass plantings  Masses of planting  Free flowing/ low maintenance  Small yet functional paver area allows for rinsing sand off of feet before entering the cottage.  Small retaining wall creates an Architect: intimate gathering space for seating. D es ign P lus
  17. 17. T e rry Na ra njo, R L A 504 P rinc e ton S tre e t R a le igh, NC 27609 919.740.7825 tna ra @gma il.c om