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Portfolio 2011-2012


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Portfolio 2011-2012

  1. 1. Design is a plan for arranging elements into a purpose 2 11 PORTFOLIO Toni Nicole Smiley
  2. 2. � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �� � � � � � �� � �� � �� � � � �� � � �� � � ����� �� ����������� ����� ��� ��� ��� �������� �� ��� � You’ve � � � � � � � at�� � �� � Square.�You’ve�eaten crab �� � � �on� � � �� � shopped � Union � ��� � �� � �� � � � � � � � � Louis � Fisherman’s Wharf and had pot stickers in China Town. These ��� �all�perfectly pleasant�ways� to�spend time in � � �Francisco are � � � � � �� � � �� � � � � � � � ��� � � � �� � � San � �� � � �� � �� � � � � �not the�end� of�the�story. They’re � � � �� � �the � � but they’re �� � � � � � � � � � �� � �� � � � not even �� � � begining. San Francisco’s very rst neighborhood- the sparwling, � � � � � �� � � � �� � � � �� � � � � �� � � � �� � ��� � �� ������� � � � � � � � gritty, and sunny Mission District - is all but unknown to visitors. ������� ����������� ��� ��� ������� �� ��������� It was here, in 1776, that Spanish padres founded only California but San Francisco became a place for immigration and settlement in the Mission the city’s most exciting and surprising cultural mix. area. “By 1841 there was only a population of about The Mission has always been relatively affordable, 50, but soon after the Gold Rush hit California, San and it’s become a magnet for young people, ac- Francisco became what it is today”. tors, painters, dancers, and restaurateurs. They’ve brought with them great food and chic bistros. The Mission area was in fact only two sandy, hilly They’ve opened tiny, gorgeous boutiques, quirky miles that separated Mission Dolores from the political bookstores, and sizzling nightspots. It’s center of the new town at Portsmouth Plaza. The time to give the Mission a try. Mission remained fairly remote until a plank road made it easily accessible in 1850. Soon, racetracks, We followed one of our own Editors-en-Chief Michael Geno B around his daily routine in the sprang up by the church. The Mission District had beautiful Mission District. Michael took us on an become the place to go for a good time. Rapidly adventurous tour of the great Mission area and even gave us the inside scoop of the best places to reached Mission Dolores, and in the 1860s the land SEPTEMBER 2011 visit in the area. around it was subdivided into housing plots. SEPTEMBER 2011 We start out meeting our Editor in his old Victo- The new neighborhood soon became a stopping- rian apartment that is decorated with only the best off point for successive waves of immigrants. As Germans, Irish, and Italians arrived, its working- SAN FRANCISCO SAN FRANCISCO items, and hand-made pieces. Michael takes us Latin Americans that began in the 1930s became on a tour of his beautiful established apartmentSan Francisco Magazine as he starts his daily routine. He tells us about the bright, extroverted character we celebrate today. history of the area and how the Mission became so well-known. in Michael’s apartment. 73 As we follow Michael around the Mission, we start He told us of how the Gold Rush transformed not to witness the history of the area.
  3. 3. CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Take a right turn off of 17th Street and walk into Dog Eared Books; Down the aisles good novel; stroll down a few blocks and grab yourself a nice refreshing drink at Luna Park. the store while insisting on stocking cooking ingre- delicious food, and awesome drinks, only problem the neighborhood’s then-hippie charm won them dients of the highest quality, taste, and freshness. people had to say was that they left feeling broke over. Phoenix was initially located a little further for spending so much because their food was just down the block, where Ladybug, Ladybug is today. Bi-Rite Market evolves along with 18th Street and that good. After ordering a juicy burger with fries, The store was conceived during a magical time Dolores Park; as a hub of relaxation, activism, and Michael decided it was about that time of the day when landlords took chances on people they liked good eats, our block has become a beating heart of where he headed off to relax and unwind. We fol- — Kate and George started the store with $10,000, San Francisco! While stepping inside the market lowed the San Francisco Magazine Editor to a local no previous credit history and a lease sealed with we instantly got a welcoming feel and we felt right handshake. Ah, how Noe Valley has changed. at home shopping. Michael grabbed a couple things novel to read during his time off. he needed for his house and we headed off to Luna After 21 years in the cozy corner spot at 24th and Park for a nice sit down lunch. Heading down Valencia Street we walked into “Dog Vicksburg, Phoenix moved to her new expanded location in June 2009. Phoenix — true to her name Entering Luna Park is not your typical breakfast new novel. Not only did this book store contain — has risen again, thanks to amazing support from & brunch restaurant, it’s a different way of having a chill vibe full of friendly staff, but it has some customers and local business owners. Today, over breakfast or lunch, but having a Bloody Mary with historical facts and an interesting story as how it two decades later, Phoenix has become the grande your food to start your day off is a Mission way of became so known in the Mission. dame of the three stores — the classy lady that sets doing things. You can sit back and enjoy the view the standards and trends for her two offspring, Dog of the Mission Hipsters riding their bikes along the 1985 — Huey Lewis was topping charts, Reagan Eared and Red Hill. street in their plaid shirts and twisted mustaches was president and Kate Rosenberger and business with their small dogs running next to them. The partner George Kirby Desha made the leap from Kate hatched the idea for Dog Eared in 1992 at a entire atmosphere of the space is really chill and bookstore employees (at Berkeley’s Half Price tea party at the beloved Radio Valencia (R.I.P.). you feel relaxed as you keep getting the Bloody The store’s original location was on Valencia Street Marys handed to you. Voted one of the best places decided on Oakland as the store’s location, until between 23rd and 24th Streets in the space that the to take out of Towner’s for their great service, a newspaper ad brought them to Noe Valley and Scarlet Sage now occupies - Kate picked it because FROM LEFT: Busy late brunch at Luna Park; Dog Eared � Books always has great reads for people of all ages. � SEPTEMBER 2011 ���� ���� ��� ����� ����� 6 9 4 VAL E NCI A S T. (415) 553-8584 9 0 0 VALE NCI A ST. W W.L UNAPAR K S F.C O M ( 4 1 5 ) 2 8 2 -1 9 0 1 WWW. DO GE AR E DB O O K S. CO M Any given weekend is a busy one for Luna Park where their famous brunch offering a fare from french toast to gourmet burgers pairs with their option of either bottomless sangria or bloody marys. With a Dog Eared Books is a historical landmark in the mission that provides the SAN FRANCISCO wide variety of options, along with some vegetarian items, Luna Park is the right brunch hang out for area with great literary material in an intimate and independent business. anyone and everyone. They also offer lunch and dinner fare daily with a regularly changing menu that The owners and friendly sales associates really know their favorites and ensures the freshness of ingredients that are in season. age of amazon and electronic books, Dog Eared is the perfect solutionfor The comfortable ambiance evoked by dim yet romantic lighting is enjoyed by an energetic crowd that those who crave the tangible reading experience - the old fashioned way. is excited to be there for a celebration of the weekend. Get there early and be prepared to wait, but every the wait is totally worth it. 79 imaginable topic covered. You can spend hours just browsing through the77 large variety of literary genres and best of all, a great section dedicated to the history of the city. Editoral Copy. Branding. Styling.
  4. 4. Web Design By Toni Nicole 1 2 3 4 5 THE FIRM COMMERCIAL HOSPITALITY RESIDENTIAL CONTACT USToni Nicole Design Associates TNDA SOMA San Francisco, Local Resident Home Copyright Toni Nicole Design Associates. All rights reserved. Home Contact Site Map Architecture Firm Website. Branding. Space Planning.
  5. 5. ISSUE TEN PG 33 PG 34 SPRING 2011 Spring is the finest season for Sonas. Sonas Denim is a brand created by Gerry Kelly an Irish born festival enthusiast living in San Francisco since 2000. Gerry was born in Dublin, Ireland. His love and passion for designing came when he was about 20 years old while visiting Greece. While in Greece he sold t-shirts and jewelry on the beach. Gerry actually was quite the entrepreneur he bought clothing and jewelry from various places he visited to then sell to other travelers to fund his own traveling. Travelers loved his sense of fashion, he became a hit. After months of travel Gerry decided to take a trip back home to his family in Dublin to rest up before he adventured out again. Gerry was none other than what they call a “travel bug”. Gerry is very outgoing and fun-spirited he loves to meet other people as well as what he calls party people. All of this traveling led Gerry to be influenced in the fashion world, from so much travel and with making his own outfits for all these events he attended, Gerry picked up the handy skill of fashioning his own handmade clothing. He started to create his patched denim jeans that soon became a crowd favorite. He custom made over 20 pairs of different jeans for all his friends, but then realized the demand for them was so large that he needed to take them to the streets. And this was the begining of Gerry’s company Sonas Denim.Happiness & Good Times.
  6. 6. SONASDENIM.COM PG 35 PG 36 SPRING 2011Editoral Copy. Branding. Merchandise Presentation, Styling.
  7. 7. LF STORES Facing page: top, left // Leather me with love Jacket, $229. // Cut out my shoulders black dress exclusive to LF San Francisco only, $178. // Full black bandeau dress slip, $78 // Love me with lace maxi dress, see-through, $168. // Teal sheer pullover top, also available in colbolt and red, $56. // below, // Leather me with love Jacket, $229. // Cut out my shoulders black dress exclusive to LF San Francisco only, $178. //LF Stores Catalog. 18 19
  8. 8. below, LF STORES SUMMER 2011 below, //1950’s pin up bra, $68. // Cut // Mary Poppin’s hat, $48. // Bold out white button up, $128. // two layer metal necklace made by Braid me belt in black, $46. below, local SF artist Karen Jay, $78. // // Twril for me skirt, $48. // jumping at left// Mom’s crop top in pink, $56. // Red hot blazer, $68. // White Two-piece maxi dress for the fashionable, $248. boyfriend jeans, $156.// // Jeffery Cambell heels- Foxys $156. // below, below, // Corporate button up blazer, $128. // Blooms made of steal necklace, // Summer beach hat by LF, $46. // Layer me $78. // Shread dress in black, $148. // Spot me on the dance floor sheer with the metal strands necklace by local top, $216. // artist Karen Jay, $56. // White summer blazer, $128. // Croped teal denim, $56. // 21Branding. Styling. Merchandise Presentation, Catalog layout.
  9. 9. The Happiness your Wether your looking for a simple wedding gown or a double take look Novella Bridal is the boutique to Seeking, is Here make your dreams come t��e. With budget friendly prices and a friendly staff available to assit you in your decision making, Novella is a one-of-a-kind boutique. To help their customers understand that they value their happiness, they had one of their own create these beautif�l tissue flowers big and small sized to display in the front store window. The idea was to add color to the white on white ent�ance. The boutique wanted to bring bright colors in to ex�ress happiness and joy. The ex�ierence you recieve when shopping for a wedding gown should resemble a f�n and happy enviroment as well, this is what Novella wanted to accomplish.Novella Bridal Boutique This isyour moment. Whether you wish to walk down theCit� Hall g�and stair�ay in taffeta t�ain, or to feelthe breeze in tea leng�h gown on Maui beach; weat Novella Bridal are here to make your dreamcome t��e. Our wide range of collection reflectsthe ar�istic elegance or the simplicit� that willperfectly fit your st�le.Novella Bridal Boutique. Remember Novella Bridal, your moment, your body, your style. Styling. Merchandise Presentation.
  10. 10. ISSUE NINE PG 12 Saboteur by Kristen Slowe PG 13 You’re a Man, Dress like One.
  11. 11. ISSUE NINE PG 14 SANFRANCISCOMAGAZINE.COM PG 15 Window display done by a group of students at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising for Alumni Kristen Slowe for her brand of men’s jackets called Saboteur. The display can be seen on the campus’s 6th floor. Photos courtesy of Lisa Hoffman ABOUT SABOTEUR A man should be bold, a man should have style, and it should be easy. We’re here to help you with that. Saboteur makes classic, tailored pieces in modern cuts. We pay special attention to hidden features and details, with surprisingly bold fabrics, functional cuffs, and contrast stitching and linings. We make jackets as versatile as you are, whether you’re wearing it with a shirt and tie or over a t-shirt and jeans. Our shirts are elegant and french cuffed. You’re a man. Dress like one. Fabrication, Branding, Merchandise Presentation, Styling.
  12. 12. 103W Magazine. Photos by: Toni Nicole Branding. Styling. Merchandise Presentation.
  13. 13. A Tommy Hil ger inspired design bag. The inspiration came from Tommy’s Fall 2010 RTW collection. The knit was hand crafted by a young student at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. 2 3 to in ll t a ni FHouseBeautiful Magazine. K 1 99
  14. 14. 4 7 Page to left: 1. Mini mock-up bag is made before the actual ending piece. 2. Mini bag is hung on a tree branch. 3. Small mock-up of what the initial runway would appear like for Tommy Hil ger’s show, displaying the current Fall 2010 ads. Page below: 4. Mock-up of Tommy Hil gerstore with oor plan and back wall elevation, as well as merchandise. 5. Point of view board shaped as a boat ore with inspiration for the bag, as well as current Fall 2010 runway items. It was shaped as a ore 5 because Tommy’s ad campaign for Fall was captured on the water and the models were on old wooden boats along with using the ore’s as props. 6. The nal bag, much bigger in size, actually holds every piece inside. 7. Another photo of the mini mock-up bag.6 102 Branding. Fabrication. Space Planning.
  15. 15. Vogue Magazine, Milan.
  16. 16. 107 108 Branding. Styling. Merchandise Presentation.
  17. 17. 2 12Toni Nicole Smiley Visual Communications 916.952.2110