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Pinterest EmpowernatorJune(tm) paythru


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Pinterest EmpowernatorJune(tm) paythru

  1. 1. #WhoIsThis&WhyShouldICare #MobileMarketingMillenniumMindset #EmpowernatorJune&YOU #PaythruMoneyOnMove Avengers was highest grossing movie because all Superheroes brought their own powers (mine is empowering you and bringing in Collaborators) to solve pain points. Paythru’s private label app helps you get stuff done in intergalactic time and save money while using your mobile phone on your personal shopping journey with trains, planes and cars. Paythru is in shopping malls and retail travel hubs in UK, Germany, France, Turkey, S.A. since 2009 … and now in USA. Our clients are Real estate asset owners who want you to have a memorable shopping experience via your centralized interactive app and our SaaS used to create Super Merchants.