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June KleinChair of The 5th Estate Innovators…                                             THE                             ...
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solution for small businesses job problem launched on 5th estate social platform for public change and grounded in recommendations from Oxford Internet Institute. fifth estate innovators chaired by June Klein developing next practices.

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  1. 1. June KleinChair of The 5th Estate Innovators… THE William Dutton Director of10 Leaders that expand upon FIFTH Oxford Internet InstituteOxford Internet Research toSolve Global Problems ESTATE Trailer for Book to be published By Oxford University Press This research report by the Director of the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) outlines 8 strategies to enable citizen experts to solve public policy problems. Technology & Marketing Ventures Inc, (TMVi), 5th estate OII partner and sponsor since 2008, has expanded upon the strategies. TMVi has developed a solution to solve unemployment and economy problems via a social change platform, an application, a tax tweak and a streamlined business process. This ebook is relevant and valuable to small businesses as an alternative financing solution. The CEO & General Counsel of Technology & Marketing Ventures Inc presented this solution at Oxford Said and to the UK Minister of Finance. US Senator Gillebrand (NY) and Congressman Larson (Ways & Means Committee) are reviewing the proposal. Crains Business NY wrote an article describing how businesses will be empowered by monetizing their unused depreciation deductions. This will enable entrepreneurs to hire staff and jumpstart the economy without affecting the deficit. The 5th Estate Innovators are 10 firms that will build upon Oxford Internet Institute 5th estate Research. They will receive a trailer of the upcoming 5th estate book to be published by Oxford University Press in 2012 and they will be included in a 5th estate groundbreaking event. With this grounding, the 5th Estate Innovators can start creating Next Practices. This is in contrast to emulating Best Practices which are a step behind a rapidly evolving world. June Klein Contact June Klein