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Using your RRSP forMortgage InvestingRRSP investing in mortgages is not a newthing. It has been around for years now butdu...
Advantages of using yourRRSP for Mortgage Investing                                       Investment Return Schedule• Your...
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What is a syndicate mortgage?


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Why invest your RRSP in Principal Secured Mortgages? It just makes good common sense.

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What is a syndicate mortgage?

  1. 1. For More Information Contact:Terri M Common Sense Investing What is a Syndicate Mortgage? A Syndicate Mortgage is a Mortgage Investment which gives you protection on your principal while paying you a rate of interest substantially higher than what you’ll make from your GIC or mutual fund. With a Syndicate Mortgage, it is typical for you to join with others in a syndicate to lend to profitable large scale real estate developments in Canada. The features of the syndicate Mortgage as an investment are somewhat similar to those of a GIC or Canada Savings bond. It has a predetermined interest rate and fixed term usually between two to four years in most cases. They can be held in RRSPs and all other registered accounts and are held at Financial Institutions such as B2B Trust and Olympia Trust. Investing in a syndicate mortgage is a licensed financial transaction, which must be underwritten by a Mortgage Agent regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). It also requires a lawyer to close the mortgage investment and register the charge on property at the land registry on behalf of the lenders.
  2. 2. Using your RRSP forMortgage InvestingRRSP investing in mortgages is not a newthing. It has been around for years now butdue to the high cost and the lack ofsimplicity in this type of investing it has beendiscouraged. However, with clients notfaring well with their portfolios and many ofthem looking for more secure alternativesthe syndicate mortgage offers an attractivesolution.RRSP mortgage investing is much easierthan you think. When using your RRSP orother registered funds to invest in asyndicate mortgage, it is always securedagainst PRIME REAL ESTATE in Canada.The security as evidenced by real property Returns Security • Your principal is fully secured by a lien• You receive a solid fixed interest for the term registered against the development at the land typically 7-8 % annually. registry office.• There is also a bonus paid from profit usually • Loan to Value is typically between 50-75 % of 4 % per year. Certified Appraised Value.• Interest is paid every 90 days to provide • In cases where Loan to Value is approaching 75 liquidity. % other collateral may be assigned to further safeguard the interest of the lenders. • General Security Agreement with Developer.
  3. 3. Advantages of using yourRRSP for Mortgage Investing Investment Return Schedule• Your money is on title as a mortgage, just like a bank mortgage Date Description % Principal Interest when you buy your home. All funds Jan 01 Principal $100,000.00 are handled in a trust by your appointed trustee, lawyer and Year 1 mortgage broker. April 01 Investment Return 2% $2,000.00• It’s like you and your RRSP become a bank, and the real estate July 01 Investment Return 2% $2,000.00 development borrows the money from you. October 01 Investment Return 2% $2,000.00• This is a predictable, proven and measurable way to grow your January 01 Investment Return 2% $2,000.00 retirement. Year 2• You can use it to replace all your losing investments and rebuild April 01 Investment Return 2% $2,000.00 lasting wealth. July 01 Investment Return 2% $2,000.00• Because this is set-up as an RRSP, your interest and profits from this mortgage are sheltered from taxes, October 01 Investment Return 2% $2,000.00 just like any other RRSP. January 01 Investment Return 2% $2,000.00• With a Syndicate Mortgage there are no units or shares to buy and there are no stock market fluctuations to deal with. End of 8% $8,000.00 Project Profit Total Return 24% $24,000.00 Principal of $ 100,000 is returned to lender at the end of two years. * Investment Return Schedule based on a two year term project at 8% annually. Interest paid quarterly with a bonus of 4 % /per annum at the end of the two year term.
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