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Stop your losses today blank

  1. 1. STOP your losses today with an investment that pays 9% with Security! In today’s uncertain markets, Principal Secured Mortgages provide a 9% fixed rate of return each year as low-risk, alternative investments. Principal Secured Mortgages provide you with capital protection through a direct charge on real property and are well-suited for retirement funds such as RRSPs, RIFs, TFSA, LIRA, LIF or they may be purchased with cash. High returns are now open to everyone, not just wealthy Accredited Investors. The most attractive feature of Principal Secured Mortgage is the high annual, predictable, fixed-interest rate of 9% without the worries associated with stock market fluctuations or high management fees along with interest paid to your account quarterly or monthly. Investment terms are between 2-3 years. Your principal is secured by the property and all assets of the project, and each participant is registered as a lien-holder at the local Land Registry Office which is regulated by the Government of Ontario. In addition, by using the equity in your home, we can show you how to maximize your investment leverage and earn high interest while assisting with your mortgage, cottage, or education payments. Disclosure: Nothing in this material represents an offer to sell securities and should not be considered personalized financial advice. Although our staff may answer your general client service questions, they are not licensed under mortgage or securities laws to address your particular investment or mortgage situation. No communication by our staff to you should be deemed as personalized financial advice. Any investments or mortgages recommended in this material should be made only after consulting with your Investment or Mortgage Advisor and only after reviewing the Mortgage Documents or Offering Memorandum. All syndicated mortgage investments are sold by licensed Mortgage Agents or Exempt Market Agents in Ontario and various provinces in Canada.  Tier 1 Capital Management Inc. is a Provider of syndicated mortgages and not a licensed Mortgage Brokerage. All syndicated mortgage investments offered by Tier 1 Capital are exclusively distributed by T1CM Principal Secured Mortgages (FSCO Lic. No. 12378) in Ontario.  Request More Information: Terri M Valstar 905-323-5486 289-273-5881