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  • Planning for the future and forecasting is a vital part of the performance management process. From the overall plan for the organisation will flow department, team and individual plans. Central to all of these plans are performance objectives and targets. This next flow diagram will help us understand how this might work in practice…..
  • Achieving successbriefingslides

    1. 1. Achieving SuccessReviewee Workshop
    2. 2. Aims2 main aims:• To provide an understanding of the review process• To introduce the SMART approach to objective setting
    3. 3. Benefits of Reviewing Individual University• Clarification of expectations about • Alignment of local activities and the individual’s contribution to the efforts with institutional strategic University goals. aims.• Opportunity to provide feedback • Improved shared communications into departmental plans. about the University aspirations• Improve shared communications and priorities. about the individual’s contribution • Opportunity to discuss and related matters. departmental aims and• Opportunity to discuss personal requirements. development. • Opportunity to celebrate success.• Opportunity to celebrate success • Opportunity to address issues.• Opportunity to address issues Enhanced communication and understanding
    4. 4. Different Levels – Same Direction strategic plans department objectives team objectives individual responsibilities objectives
    5. 5. Different Levels – Same DirectionDiscussion: strategic plans department objectives• What is your understanding of your department’s strategic aims? team objectives individual responsibilities• How do you support this as an individual? objectives
    6. 6. The Review Process Annual Cycle Understanding goals of University and department Evaluate performance Agree individual objectives to(have objectives been met?) support department aims Check understanding and review progress Interim review, informal progress reports
    7. 7. Roles and Responsibilities Form is amended to reflect discussion & actions agreed, then cover sheet is signed by Reviewer & RevieweeReviewer schedulesmeeting with Reviewee Meeting takes place, responses to questions on form are discussed and Copies are retained by actions agreed Reviewer, Reviewee Reviewee completes form and gives to Reviewer 4 working days before meetingReviewer reads form &prepares for meeting
    8. 8. SMART ObjectivesS specificM measurableA achievable/agreedR relevant/realisticT timebound
    9. 9. SMART Objectives Decide which objectives are SMART/not SMART:1. Reduce the average time for resolving S specific customer service issues from 10 minutes to 5 minutes by the end of the calendar M measurable year A achievable/agreed2. Ensure that you are compliant with Data Protection legislation R relevant/realistic3. Provide information technology support for approved applications in accordance T timebound with Information Delivery Systems (IDS) procedures for the period January to June 20094. Conduct more research
    10. 10. Receiving Feedback• be open• listen carefully• avoid filtering• ask questions• be prepared to contribute• decide to take action
    11. 11. Types of Development I ndividual Development I nduct i on Focus Gr oups Peer Review Part ner ing Shadow ing Buddying Ment oring Ex t ernal Vi sit s Second m ent s Dept Audit Job Rot at ionProfessional DepartmentalDevelopment Development Team Review s Aw aydays Dept New slet t er Dept Meet ings Luncht im e For um s Bench m ark i ng Mast er classes Planning Sessi ons Skills Work sh ops St rat egy Event s Collective Development