Resale Inventory - TMR Update


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For more inventories call +91 8130505222 or Send a test mail at

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Resale Inventory - TMR Update

  1. 1. Resale Inventory – TMR Project Name Sector Size Floor No1 Amrapali Sapphire 45 1640sqft 10th to 15th2 Sanskriti Vihar Extension,16C 845Sq-ft 10th to 15th3 3cs Lotus Boulevard 100 1347Sq-ft 10th to 15th4 Jaypee Kensington Park 133 1500sqft 10th to 15th5 Logix Blossom Country Expressway 920Sq-ft 10th to 15th6 Logix Blossom Zest 143A 1175Sq-ft 10th to 15th7 Lotus 300 107 4300Sq.Ft 10th to 15th8 Loyus Boulevrad 100 1200sqft 10th to 15th9 Shubhkamna Manak Extension 1075Sq-ft 10th to 15th10 Sikka Kaamna Greens 143 950sqft 10th to 15th11 Sikka Karmic Greens 78 1510sqft 10th to 15th12 Sikta Carmic Greens 78 1510Sq-ft 10th to 15th13 Jaypee Krescent Homes 129 1230sqft 16th to 20th14 Lotus Boulevard 100 1095Sq-ft 16th to 20th15 RG Residency 120 1317Sq.Ft 16th to 20th16 Sharman (on 99 acre) 107 1095Sq-ft 16th to 20th17 Unitech Unihomes 3 113 899Sq-ft 1st to 5th18 Unitech Unihomes Ph 1 117 766Sq-ft 1st to 5th19 Amarpali panoasis 70 1664 Sq.Ft. 1st to 5th20 Flora Heritage 16B sec 1, Ext 987 Sq-ft 1st to 5th21 Flora Heritage 16B sec 1, Ext 1333 Sq-ft 1st to 5th22 Flora Heritage 16B sec 1, Ext 1396 sq ft 1st to 5th23 Flora Heritage 16B sec 1, Ext 1585 sq ft 1st to 5th24 Paras Tiera 137 925 Sq-ft 1st to 5th25 Paras Tiera 137 825 Sq-ft 6th to 9th26 Aims Golf City 75 2250 sq ft 6th to 9th27 Amrapali Zodiac 120 1325 Sq-ft 6th to 9th28 Gaur Grandeur 119 1246 sq ft 6th to 9th29 Grand Omaxe 93B 1911 Sq-ft 6th to 9th30 Jaypee Kosmos 134 1860 sq ft 6th to 9th31 Krescent Homes 129 1980 Sq.Ft. 6th to 9th32 Logix Blossom County 137 1675 Sq-ft 6th to 9th33 Logix Blossom Green 143 1545 Sq.Ft. 6th to 9th34 Lotus Panache Noida Extension 1130 Sq-ft 6th to 9th35 Authority Allotted Duplex 135 2800 Sq.Ft. call to detail36 Dhronan Chan Vasundhra, Noida 450 Sq-ft call to detail37 Hide Park 78 525 Sq-ft call to detail38 Jaypee Imperial Court 128 2430 Sq.Ft. call to detail39 Kensington Park N-Gr.N.Expressway 1377 Sq.Ft. call to detail40 Plot 71 219 mtr call to detail41 Sikka Kammna Greens 143 650 Sq Ft call to detail42 Supertech Emerald Courts 93 1750 Sq.Ft. call to detailFor more inventories call- +91 8130505222 or send a test mail at