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TM/XML - Representing Topic Maps in XML


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his paper describes TM/XML, an XML syntax for topic maps that is very close to the natural, or colloquial, XML representation the information in the topic map. It can be used to integrate non-topic map systems with topic map systems, and also to easily create topic maps from XML data.

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TM/XML - Representing Topic Maps in XML

  1. 1. TM/XML A human-friendly XML syntax for Topic Maps TMRA '05 Lars Marius Garshol Ontopia <larsga></larsga>> Dmitry Bogachev Omega Consulting <dmitryv></dmitryv>> 2005-10-05 © 2005 Ontopia AS 1
  2. 2. Overview • Introduction – why another XML syntax for Topic Maps? • The syntax – how it works – examples – comparison with XTM • TMViews – using TM/XML with fragments • Conclusion – status – further work © 2005 Ontopia AS 2
  3. 3. Introduction Why TM/XML? © 2005 Ontopia AS 3