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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. Tmotions Global Limited An enterprise with ventures in Technology, Education and Consulting 2
  3. 3. CloudContent Social Solution 3
  4. 4. CLOUD Cloud Testing Func%onal  and  performance  tes%ng  of  your  Cloud  based  solu%ons   Cloud Security Implement  best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing   CustomisationEngineer  the  cloud  based  solu%ons  for  your  enterprise  and  make  them  work  with  your  corporate  applica%ons   Rollout Deploy  and  integrate  the  best  in  industry  cloud  solu%on  
  5. 5. CONTENT Content Management System Develop,  Deploy,  configure  and  maintain  bespoke  &  Enterprise  CMS   Migration Migra%on,  synchronisa%on  and  interoperability  of  structured  and  unstructured  contents   Content Moderation Outsourced  content  modera%on  service  by  specialists  at  low  cost  loca%ons  
  6. 6. SOCIAL Blueprint Strategy,  Plan  and  Blue  print  your  Social  Enterprise  ini%a%ve   Social Technology Develop,  integrate  and  customise   Monitor Advanced  Social  Media  Analy%cs  and  Monitoring  
  7. 7. Offshore : Onsite : NearShore Bespoke Development Dot  Net,  Java,  OpenSource,  Digital,  integra%ons,  compa%bility   Support Applica%on  maintenance,  changes,  enhancements,  customer  support   Testing Func%onal  and  Performance  Tes%ng  
  8. 8. Education + TourismWe offers a broad portfolio of technical and non-technical training courses atworld famous tourist destinations in India and Sri Lanka.
  9. 9. Consulting  Business Strategy – delivery, sale  Business Operations Setup – BOT  Project Management and Delivery Management – ITIL, PMI, PMP, Prince2  Best Practices, Compliance and Accreditations – ISO, SEI CMM, ISO 27001